Inmate hangs himself as guards watch Netflix.

Good job, guards. You’ve just saved taxpayers shitloads of money caring for this guy.

Hey! This was a halfway house. Not jail or prison. People get released there because they’re not supposed to be threats to others or themselves.

An inmate hanged himself in his cell at a halfway house while prison guards watched Netflix and wasn’t found for 10 hours.

David Garceau hanged himself with bed sheets at St Louis Community Release Center in Missouri on October 23. He was not found until the following day when a guard performing breakfast rounds discovered his body.

The 41-year-old had practiced different ways to tie his sheets to the bed frame before taking his life. He was staying at the center while on probation for a burglary and arson charge.

An investigation by The St Louis Post Dispatch revealed on Wednesday that guards who watched the film Blue Streak on Netflix when they should have been monitoring surveillance footage of the cells.

By the time they found Garceau, he had been dead for 10 hours.

A female guard who was meant to be monitoring him on the night before he was found dead spent four hours streaming content from the internet.

She also browsed Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter during her shift but did not notice Garceau as he made preparations to kill himself.

Footage showed the man, who had struggled with drug addiction in the past, moving around on the bottom bunk at 7.12pm.

All movement stopped at 7.29pm.

The guard told superiors she checked on Garceau at 7pm and 7.30pm. His body was not found until the next morning at 5.27am.

LaTasha Poole, another guard who was on duty and being trained, said she was given the impression guards were allowed to watch content on Netflix.

Garceau had recently been released from prison when he died. He went to St Louis Community Release Center after a brief stint at his brother’s home.

The center is designed for convicts as a place to stay while they arrange accommodation after finishing their sentences.

None of the prison guards faced criminal charges over his death.

The guard who was meant to have checked on the man resigned from her position in December. She has not been named.

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    Sounds familiar. Like the spic football player Hernandez in Massachusetts. Who gives a fuck as long as the trash is permanently disposed of so its stink doesn’t contaminate the rest of society?

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