They’re to be auctioned:

Be that as it may, this comment nailed it:

“That would be fantastic, except they were thought up by someone in Hollywood who couldn’t put the chain back on his bike.”

The blueprints for Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon and the USS Enterprise in Star Trek are part of a fascinating collection of movie production drawings that have been unearthed.

The 68 never-before-seen blueprints include interior and exterior set renderings of Han Solo’s famous space ship in Star Wars and front elevations of R2-D2.

Other original designs that have emerged are for Darth Vader’s meditation pod and Chewbacca and Princess Leia’s handcuffs.

From the Star Trek franchise there are blueprints for the front, side and bottom views of the USS Enterprise as well as USS Enterprise set plans and Captain Kirk’s interior quarters and his command chair.

The detailed drawings relate to the the three original Star Wars films – A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi – as well as Star Trek: The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan, and The Search For Spock.

They provide a unique insight to fans of the iconic films about how they were made.

The blueprints – which measure 50in by 36in – were printed from the originals used in the production more than 20 years ago for a publishing project which was abandoned.

They have now emerged for auction and are tipped to sell for $50,000.

Matt Truex, of US based auctioneers Prop Store who are selling the blueprints, said: ‘The blueprints in the auction were printed directly from production-used originals more than 20 years ago for use in a potential publishing project that was later abandoned.

‘This sale is very significant considering the fact that many of these blueprints have never been seen before by the public, so we are very excited to be the first to bring them out of hiding.

‘While a few have been reprinted in various art books over the years, the majority of blueprints in this auction have never been seen by anyone outside of production before now.

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  1. That bicycle comment was GOLDEN! Star Trek took a lot of liberties with the
    laws of physics; Light speed travel, scanners, tractor beams, shields, transporters,
    etc. TNG was so fucked up, I puked my guts up after the 3rd episode. I actually told
    a 16 year old member of my computer club not to pre-judge TNG because it will never
    be the same as the original. I said “Give it some time,” watch several episodes before
    you make up your mind. Jean Luc Pussy found himself surrounded by a dozen war
    ships of a proven hostile alien culture.

    The politically correct cock-smoker ordered his crew to “Lower our shields so that they
    can see we mean them no harm.” That would have been the end of the series as the
    Enterprise would have been blown to atoms. James Tiberius would have killed them
    all and fucked their smoking hot green women!

    By the time that series died a merciful and predictable death the writers were yanking
    waves, dimensions and forces out of their asses. I’ll give you a 10th dimension for a
    Tachyon Wave! Bradbry, like Asimov and Clarke were well versed in physics. By the
    time the sequel arrived on the scene, Bradbury was fucking vegetable suffering from
    senile dementia.

    TNG was so socially preachy that it made McGiver look like sensible TV fare. I
    never watched the show, but the fans were so repulsed by the liberal propaganda
    they walked away by the millions!

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    Long ago I ran across an Autocad file of all this stuff for the Starship Enterprise. No clue if I still have it, I’ll have to browse a few of my old backups. We printed it once on a gigantic professional plotter somebody at work had. Very cool.

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