Woman says airline employee called her a cunt.

Before you go getting your panties in a wad over this and blaming thew airlines, read on and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion I did: the woman was a cunt and did something obnoxious resulting in the name calling and removal.

Pampered rich bitch as far as I am concerned.

A friend of one of the stars from The Rich Kids of Instagram is suing United Airlines because she claimed that an airline employee manhandled her when being removed her from her $3,000 seat last year.

Karen Shiboleth said she was humiliated and reduced to tears when she was yanked from her business class seat as she was flying with United from Newark, New Jersey, to London, in September.

The Columbia graduate claims a flight attendant called her a ‘c**t’ as she was forced from her $3,000 seat and taken to the back of the plane without an explanation.

Now the New York City woman is suing the airline for $150,000 in punitive damages to recoup the cost of her expensive seat and ‘to deter such behavior in the future’, court papers said.

Shiboleth, whose parents are wealthy Manhattan lawyers, is friends with The Rich Kids of Instagram star Andrew Warren and is often seen partying around the globe with her wealthy young friends.

The suit filed on Monday comes on the heels of the high-profile looming lawsuit against the airline by an injured and bloodied passenger, who was filmed being forcibly removed from his seat earlier in April.

Although the incident happened seven months ago, Shiboleth is fighting for the $9,146 in fees and award points that she lost due when she was hauled to economy, the suit claims.

She said she was traveling to London on September 10 to being her studies at Kings College in a master’s degree international relations program. She originally bought a window seat in economy for $1,500.

She later bumped herself up to premium economy using 60,000 American Express miles and an additional $498.56 in fees and expenses to upgrade to premium economy, court documents claim.

At the New Jersey airport Shiboleth upgraded yet again to secure seat 1B in business for an additional $1,150 to ‘ease the burden’ of her move and accommodate her heavy bags, the suit said.

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