The People’s Republic of Boulder

I sure love living in the arch conservative State of Colorado. Specifically in Boulder County, home of the most conservative people imaginable. No, wait, I think I have that wrong, this is one of the most liberal hellholes on the planet.

The local Boulder paper has published a letter with a call for violence against frackers. No shit. This liberal rag has actually published in their newpaper, that citizens have a moral obligation to destroy pipelines and eliminate oil jobs. Only in Colorado…

“If the oil and gas industry puts fracking wells in our neighborhoods, threatening our lives and our children’s lives, then don’t we have a moral responsibility to blow up wells and eliminate fracking and workers?” Andrew O’Connor wrote in a letter to the paper’s editors.

In a sane world, the author would be arrested and jailed. On the other hand, it would be nice to see somebody in the oil industry sue this paper.



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