This is what happens when one cop screws up.

The ground-apes, beaners, red-necks and other assholes who, 50 years ago would never have afforded to fly on an airplane can now routinely do so.

They’re predatory vermin trying to capitalize on weakness.

The cops should have belted one across the mouth and told her to stop talking trash. Then dragged her by her ankles off the plane.

This is sad. But who could blame them?

A big-mouthed woman erupted in a major rant on a flight about to depart San Antonio, Texas, and she seemed to know what she was doing.

After the recent United Airlines debacle where a doctor was forcibly removed from a plane that caused a media firestorm, police seemed afraid to remove the beligerant woman when they arrived. And she took full advantage, even referencing the doctor and said she wouldn’t be as nice as he was.

Video of the ranting passenger was posted to YouTube on Wednesday shows her swearing at crew members, taunting other passengers, and walking up and down the aisles yelling. It is not certain who the woman is, but the video is going viral and for good reason — it’s wild.

After a few minutes, a couple of San Antonio police officers enter the plane but both approach the situation very gingerly appearing not willing to be caught in the same situation as police in Chicago where they forcibly removed Dr. David Dao seriously injuring him in the process.

“So I guess y’all not going nowhere, still. I was just bulls***ing about them… I was going to be nice,” she said before leaping to her feet to walk the aisles and harass crew members. It isn’t known what set the woman off.

The officers repeatedly plead with the woman to no avail. The incident has an unexpected ending, but I’m sure the police were relieved.

As the video rolls, the woman yells out, “They’re trying to say I’m disturbing her, that I’m disturbing the people on the plane, b**** that’s crazy.”

The woman continues acknowledging that she is the one keeping the plane on the ground because of her wild, unruly behavior.

“‘You might want to get your mother***ing pilot and all your f***ing crew ready because ain’t nobody going nowhere,” she says.

In the late 1800s, Biltmore Estate — and its main family home, the largest such residence in the United States — was built by George Washington Vanderbilt, son of one of the most well-known families of the industrial age.

And when police arrive, she warns, “Trying to get me off this mother***er and it’s going to go down.”

The woman then begins referencing what happened to Dr. Dao, She warned that she woudln’t be as docile as Dao was.

“That dude, that’s a doctor, I ain’t no doctor, I’m gonna beat you’re a**,” she screeches.

Next she tries to blame her own behavior on Donald Trump saying, “This is Trump’s fault. Blame it on Trump.”

Police try to explain to the woman that she is “causing a disturbance” and an officer tells the woman that he wants her off the plane.

“Listen, causing a disturbance, the captain wants you… the captain said he doesn’t want you on his plane and you need to get off,” the officer is heard calmly saying on the video.

The video cuts off as the woman begins to gather up her belongings to leave the plane.

It is thought that the plane is a Delta flight due to the types of magazines seen in the seat pockets in the video but further details are still unknown.

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  1. Such a Charming Negress she is…!


  2. BobF says:

    One ignorant POS inconvenienced everyone else. America is rapidly becoming a 3rd world nation.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Baboon being a baboon. I couldn’t watch after 1.5 minutes. The cops should have Tased, cuffed and tossed the bitch onto the tarmac. Then for good measure down-graded her seat assignment by dumping her on the baggage loading conveyor for her trip in a “steerage seat”.

    It’s gonna get a lot worse before the 50 mile wide asteroid corrects the planet.

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