It’s Not Just Boulder

The Boulder paper isn’t the only problem in Boulder County. Today, the Longmont, Colorado, paper has informed readers that Longmont is considering becoming a sanctuary city.

The Immigrant Rights Coalition’s Sonia Marquez said on Friday that while those groups do not expect formal council action on Tuesday, “We’re going to see if we can get a conversation going” about the need for an official city policy of noncooperation with federal authorities seeking the identities — and possible deportation — of undocumented immigrants living in Longmont.

(The emphasis was mine.) What’s up with these towns? Frankly, I hope the vote for this. I’d like to see them let the populace of the city know what kind of people run the government here. I’m sure the citizens would be less than pleased to know their council wants to encourage law breaking and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds.

If my grandkids didn’t live here, I’d be gone in a heartbeat. Then again, the whole country is infested with these assholes.


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