30 years ago NO ONE would have thought to do what this asshole did.

No respect. What a boor.

They may be royalty but that didn’t stop cheeky London marathon runners from splashing Kate and Wills with water as they cheered from the sidelines.

The Duke and Duchess were handing out bottles at a water stop when several runners spotted a golden opportunity to have some fun.

The smiling prince – who has dubbed himself a ‘modern monarch’ – appeared to take the joke slightly better than his other half who seemed less than impressed as water droplets landed on her fleece.

Prince Harry managed to avoid the spray but was seen jokingly shying away from one particularly sweaty runner who wanted to hug him for a selfie.

The training is over, the carbs have been loaded and the blister plasters applied… this year’s London Marathon is officially underway!

The Duchess Of Cambridge helped kicked things off along with her husband Prince William and his brother Prince Harry. The trio pushed the buzzer to start the race and cheered the 50,000 runners along as they took the first of many steps to come.

Keen fans of Kate’s style will have noticed the Breton stripe M.i.h ‘Drew’ top peeking out from under her jacket. Coincidentally it’s the same one she wore the other week to announce she would be attending the marathon!

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The royals, who champion the marathon’s official charity Heads Together, put their hands together to sound the klaxon and set 40,000 hopefuls on their gruelling 26-mile journey at 10am this morning.

They then watched the race from a half-way point where they gave runners high fives as a radiant Kate waved encouragement with a large blue foam hand.

The royal trio, wearing black Heads Together tops, spent about half an hour chatting to supporters and whooping and clapping as runners sped past.

A water point at the 22-mile mark was the next stopping point, where they handed out refreshments to astonished runners, many of whom did a double take and, forgetting their time, backtracked for a selfie.

William, Kate and Harry stood at the side of the road near Shadwell as a giant sound system boomed out motivational songs including YMCA and Sex On Fire. They laughed, cheered and whooped as the exhausted participants faced their final four miles.

One runner, dripping with sweat, spotted William and bounded over. ‘I saw you earlier,’ he shouted, as he gave the prince a high five.

Many stopped to pose for selfies with the royals or ran over to high five them or shake hands in a more genteel way.

‘Wills and Harry!’ one runner shouted across to them, waving. Others applauded the trio as they ran by.

‘Well done guys,’ William shouted. ‘Thank you so much,’ Kate told some of the 700 competitors running on behalf of the Heads Together mental health campaign.

Prince Harry, who hopes this will be the year of the ‘mental health marathon’, then presented trophies to the top three elites and World Para Athletics Marathon World Cup competitors.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Welcome to the 21st century. 100 years ago the “water splashers” would have made a one-way trip to the “Tower of London”.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I dunno. Would a prince and his wife be standing by the side of the road passing out water bottles thirty years ago? Shouldn’t they be on a balcony somewhere?

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