Guy puts hot sauce in girlfriend’s panties.

If I were her he’d be dick-less. That’s NOT a funny thing to do.

But since he’s a You-Tuber I doubt he actually did it and it’s all a put-on in which case they should both then have hot sauce poured in their underwear.

A playful attitude is a great way to keep the passion alive in any relationship. But where do you draw the line between a playful prank and all-out war? One man recently tested those limits when he put the world’s hottest chili extract on his girlfriend’s underwear before they went for a jog.

The cruel and unusual prank was conducted by Ryan Hamilton of Boston, otherwise known as the force behind YouTube channel HammyTV.

In a new video uploaded to his channel, Hamilton documents the process of pouring chili extract onto a thong he knows his girlfriend will be wearing on a jog later that day.

Hamilton continued to film as the couple went for a run in a nearby park. Jen had barely done half a lap around the park before she started experiencing discomfort – and ultimately ran home to pour almond milk in her pants.

The chili extract Hamilton used is called ‘Satan’s Blood’, and if the name doesn’t already sound bad enough, Hamilton explains to viewers that the oil contains 800,000 Scoville heat units – making it one of the hottest substances in the world.

For reference, a Jalapeno pepper contains approximately 1,000 Scoville heat units – meaning the oil Hamilton poured into his girlfriend’s underwear is the rough equivalent of 800 Jalapenos. Ouch.

Needless to say, Jen begins expressing her discomfort after having the underwear on for a very brief amount of time. The couple has barely done half a lap around a nearby park before she begins complaining of a painful itching and burning.

Convinced something is really wrong, Jen starts jogging back towards the house. It is only then that Hamilton reveals his prank to her. Though she’s clearly mad, she continues running home, eager to numb the pain.

Back at the house, Jen heads right for the refrigerator. She takes a carton of almond milk and begins pouring it down the back of her pants. She exclaims she has heard milk is good for soothing burns.

Milk in tow, Jen heads for the shower, cursing her boyfriend’s idea of a ‘prank.’

Many who watched Hamilton’s video were less than amused. One comment read,

‘My favorite part was at the very beginning. You know..when she didn’t have some a**hole putting hot chilies in her undies.’

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Reminds me of the old trick of secretly putting Ben-Gay in some dude’s jock before a basketball game. They said it was devised in the 1960’s to make the guy jump higher. Obviously it wasn’t done to a “darkie” because the scream “Racist” would be herd all the way to the nearest ACLU office.

  2. grayjohn says:

    Hot sauce colonics for everyone.

  3. I got into a bit of a prank war with a shop mechanic at Millwright service I
    worked for. There was a very old gag that made a mess of ones hands,
    keys and pants pockets.

    Arrive to work early enough to squeeze a little Prussian Bluing into the lock
    on his tool box. Wipe off the excess and wait for the fun to start. I took it to
    a whole new level by smearing the stuff in the crotch of his work pants. Now
    imagine working and sweating with that stuff wicking up into his skivies!

    Big Dude’s nickname became Blue Balls after that.

    I also had a friend at that same business (A field foreman) named Jim. Jim
    was the big deal-full fledged bad-ass biker; big, fat, bearded and tattooed.

    Jim swore that this story was true: Lying in bed snacking on cheese, crackers
    and Jalapeno peppers. One thing led to another, and he gave her the old
    stink finger. He said she screamed and jumped so high out of the bed
    that he was afraid he would need a pry-bar to get her off the ceiling.

    Jim had the people in the bar in stitches, but could not help serve this
    up: “And she divorced your ass?” Jim responded by saying “Yes”
    Then I said “What a dizzy bitch!”

    PS I do not like extracts because they are not natural. At 800,000 SU,
    this could be a concentrate from a far weaker chili pepper. I have
    Volcano Dust powder (Ghost Pepper) at 1,000,000, dried and smoked
    Ghost Pepper, and Trinidad Scorpion Moruga sauce at 2,000,000,
    any one of which would sent this women into ORBIT!

    PPS Almond milk? She has to be a milinneal twit or a liberal tofu
    eating Whole Foods customer!

  4. redneckgeezer says:

    Back in the late 70’s when I first became a cop, we had a bunch of anti-war demonstrations for quite a lengthy period of time. One day one of the cops came to work and told the story that he’d had a tough day like the rest of us the day before and gotten home in a pretty frisky mood. He stripped off his clothes and proceeded to molest his wife in a most intimate way. Problem was, he’d been covered with CS gas for most of the day and it had permeated every part of his body. His wife was less than stimulated when the remnants of all the CS managed to permeate her privates. I don’t think she let him get near her for a couple of months after that.

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