Piece of shit house sells for 50% over asking price.

In Oakland.


Peeling paint, rotting wood, unfinished ceilings and torn-up linoleum didn’t stop prospective homebuyers from making an offer on a ramshackle Rockridge abode.

The teardown at 383 60th St. sold for a quarter-million over asking on Friday after receiving 19 offers.

The one-bedroom, two-bath bungalow built in 1905 went on the market in March for $495,000 and sold last week at $755,000.

People were lined up out the door on the first open house, according to listing agent Dalia Juskys of Red Oak Realty.

“At least 200 people came through,” Juskys said. “There was a little boy down the street who opened up a lemonade stand and was selling lemonade, popcorn and cookies to all the people coming to the open house.”

The Rockridge real estate market is sizzling. The Oakland neighborhood, with its own BART station and a commercial district of trendy restaurants, has seen home values rise 11.7 percent in the last five years from February 2012 to February 2017, according to Trulia. This neighborhood’s surging popularity and prices explains why a dilapidated home, in a prime location between Rockridge and Fairview Park, was a hot commodity.

The seller of the Rockridge home originally purchased the home in the 1970s and hadn’t lived there in decades. When the property first went on the market, Juskys told SFGATE the owner held onto the house to remain in Rep. Barbara Lee’s district. She also admitted her listing was either a teardown or “massive fixer-upper” with no heating or even a workable kitchen.

“It’s quite hysterical,” Juskys said. “Everything is dilapidated … The only thing that’s livable is the bathroom.”

Yes, compared to the home’s other derelict rooms, one of the bathrooms is beautiful. It has natural wood paneling, a sweet pedestal sink and a glass-walled walk-in shower. It looks like it belongs in a glossy spread of a modern home featured in Dwell magazine. Maybe the new owners can bring this vision alive throughout the entire home.

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  1. The entire Bay Area is steaming cesspit of social engineering. Walter Williams
    and Thomas Sowell both wrote columns about this. Go into San Franfreakshow
    or other suburban areas and this ru-down shit box would have a million dollar
    plus price tag!

    What the liberals in that area did was to pass laws that outlawed new construction
    in most suburban neighborhoods. This did two things; It caused the property
    values to skyrocket to the point where Sowell complaiend that a modest lot
    by itself was going for 900 grand!

    Also, it prevented any construction of “Affordable” housing for their maids and
    gardeners. Firemen, mechanics, police officers, electricians and the like
    are unable to afford to live in the communities they serve.

    This is called the Fuck You, I got mine, but you are screwed law. If ever there
    was evidence that liberals despise the poor, look no further than these Bay
    Area laws.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    California must be consigned to the Marianas trench. It would be a great victory in ridding the world of the Hollywood elite assholes, Frisco Faggots and a few million Beaner illegals all at once.

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