Woodpecker says, “fuggit! I’m getting a ride!”

A woodpecker was given a guided tour of Chicago when he perched on a driver’s windowsill and was driven around downtown.

The pretty bird gripped tightly onto the rainy surface of the car as the wind nearly blew him away and the driver filmed the amazing occurrence while driving to work.

The man points out landmarks around the Windy City to his new friend and even slows the vehicle down to ensure the woodpecker could get a good look and not fall off.

The two-minute video of the hitchhiking bird took off recently when it was shared online on Thursday.

The driver is fascinated with the animal and talks to it while driving through the Loop.

He points out a Picasso sculpture standing tall in a square and comments to the bird: ‘Look at you, you are beautiful.’

After a minute of the woodpecker hanging onto the car, the man wonders if it the bird would complete the whole drive to work with him.

Towards the end of the sightseeing trip, the animal decides to hop inside the car and snuggle up to its tour guide.

The man is surprisingly calm to have a bird perched on his arm while driving and filming at the same time.

At the end of the heartwarming video, the woodpecker is seen on the back of his neck.

The winged creature is believed to be a downy woodpecker, known for the bright red splotch of color on their heads.

The animals are common to be found in Chicago all year long.

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