A cashier simply asked her if she’d be using her EBT card (no doubt based on previous experience with the hundreds of others who DO use their EBT card.)

She wants lots of money.

that's racist
An African-American woman in California filed a lawsuit against Albertsons after a checkout clerk assumed she was on food stamps.

Deirdre Harris, 42, said the incident occurred on January 27 at the Albertsons off Alton Avenue and Culver Street in Irvine, California.

Harris told The Mercury News that she was pulling out a debit card to pay for her grocery items when the clerk asked her if she wanted to use her electronic benefit transfer (EBT) card, colloquially known as food stamps.

‘I felt completely demoralized,’ said Harris, an Orange County native who works as a fashion brand consultant. ‘For me, it was a very clear reminder – a painful reminder – that we do not live in a post-racial era.’

After speaking with three supervisors, including Ron Foss, a regional manager at Safeway, Albertsons parent company, Harris said she was told that the clerk was simply offering her free reusable bags because those on food stamps do not have to pay for them.

Foss offered Harris $500 as compensation for her emotional distress but she refused and filed the lawsuit.

Safeway’s investigation into the incident found no evidence of discrimination or racial profiling, according to the company’s follow-up letter.

Harris said this is not the first time she has experienced subtle racism in Irvine, a city that is less than one per cent African America.

Her attorney, Chris Mears, said the clerk’s actions and the company’s reaction to the incident violate California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, medical condition, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Harris said she wants the company to make changes to prevent something like this from happening again.

‘I filed this lawsuit not just for my two children, but also as a professional who works with emerging brands and social startups,’ she said. ‘If you are silent, you are part of the problem. Nothing changes when you are silent. I had to ask myself, if I’m not taking steps toward progress, then, what am I doing?’

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    She’ll get herself a good, ambulance-chasing Jew lawyer


    I guess she and her 12 kids will be:

  2. We’re not post racial … what a joke, given O’s 8 years of making the racial divide worse daily.

    And it’s not like any white people are on public support. Ever hear of the Pepsi economy? Odds are good that the clerk would have asked that question of any customer.

  3. dekare says:

    I love when they say shit like “It’s not about the money”, or “I’m doing it for my kids”. If that was the case, than why wasn’t the heartfelt sorrys she received enough? Simple….it’s about the money. And how in the world can she say she was discriminated against, when she was denied NOTHING. In fact, she was offered free reusable grocery bags and that is all the clerk wanted to know so she could package the items appropriately. Yes, at best, we have a lack of tact on the part of the clerk, but Miss high and mighty needs to punish everyone because of some lowly clerk made an INNOCENT mistake. No one suffered, no one died, no one was fleeced out of money…NONE OF THAT.

    And since Miss Thing thinks that being silent makes you part of the problem, well, Here I go…not being silent.

    Listen up you uppity nigger. Yes, that is the label you now deserve. I will not be denied the same rights that blacks have and I will use this word as freely as they do. When you go around blaming whites for everything in your life, you go about LOOKING for a way to be offended, and label others as RACIST, as if somehow, you can see into their hearts and determine their mindset based on a mistake of language, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. You are the reason racism still exists. Whites have been trying very hard for the most part to be rid of racism. But it is getting very difficult to not make a determination of who you are and what you are, when you go about calling white people names. Being accused of racism is something that destroys lives, careers, and reputations, and therefore, when doing this, you better make DAMN SURE that real and actual racism is being done. When you make it up, or have to look way too hard to find it, then it probably never existed….except in your own mind.

    So, by your very action, you became a nigger to me. You are a POS, a disgusting human being who deserves nothing but destruction. You take no shame and care not a bit over who you might label and destroy in your imagined reaction to fake racism. You care not for anyone but yourself and even though you say it’s not about the money….for you….it’s about the money. As long as you get paid, nothing will satisfy you. Why is an apology not enough?

    And so, go ahead and label me as well. But the fact is, white people are getting damn sick and tired of racism. The racism where all of us are judged by you for the simple fact that our skin is white and therefore, we must be racist. No small mistake will go unpunished. Despite NO ONE meant you any disrespect, you lashed out and want chaos and destruction…oh, and lots of money. People will be fired for this, but you care nothing about others. You are using your black skin as a weapon against anyone that displeases you. It is you and people like you that are making sure racism is alive and well, and ensuring that it will never die. I have now judged you, but not by the color of your skin…not because you are black, but because you soul is dark. I despise you and it is because of how you chose to judge others selfishly. It is you that should be ashamed. It is you and your action as the reason we can and will never get past racism. I hope one day, you truly are the victim of real racism, so you can see exactly what the difference is. Sadly, you probably never will. Chances are, me as a white male, will be the victim of racism way more often than you will be. Because, though you fail to see it, racism on the part of white people in this county is all but dead.

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