China is well on its way to completing a full-sized replica of the Titanic to be used as a hotel.

New photos show how construction on China’s £105 million replica of the Titanic is taking shape.

This comes just as the company behind the Chinese theme park dropped plans to include an iceberg experience where visitors would get the feeling of being on the ship at its time of it sinking.

Family members had previously voiced their upset at the idea of the ‘experience’ claiming that it was in ‘bad taste.’

Images taken on April 12 show the theme park in China’s Sichuan province taking shape.

The replica will be permanently docked on the Daying Qi river and is set to open in 2019.

The ship has cost some £105 million to build compared to the £4.9 million the original cost to make.

Guests wishing to feel a part of the Titanic experience will have to spend 3,000 yuan (£315) a night for a cabin on board the ship, while more expensive rooms will 100,000 yuan (£11,597).

There will be ballroom dancing, pool parties and Las Vegas style entertainment on the ship to transport guests back to 1912.

However one main feature of the ship has already been shelved by organisers.

It was revealed during the original design process that there would be a moment in the experience where the ship would simulate hitting an iceberg.

However according to The Times, this idea has since been shelved due to protests from relatives’ families.

One of those was Jean Legg, whose father was a steward on board the original Titanic. Legg told reporters: ‘They are using the Titanic because of the tragedy – it’s upsetting.

‘My dad lived to be nearly 90 and the sights and sounds of people fighting for their lives stayed with him to the end of his days.

‘If he knew this was being replicated, I think he’d be turning in his grave.’

While Robert Burr, the grandson of a steward who lost his life, said the replica didn’t ‘suit the situation’.

A convention was held at the end of last week in Southampton in which relatives and also Shaojun Su, chief executive of the development company attended.

Shaojun Su, chief executive of Yongle Seven Star Cultural Tourism Development Company spoke at the convention of the British Titanic Society. He told those there that the liner had many fans in China after the 1997 Leonardo DiCaprio film.

It’s thought that Bruce Beveridge, head of the theme park’s design team may have been behind the change of plan.

He told The Times: I told them, do not do this, it’s in bad taste.’

The Titanic had been at sea for five days when it struck the iceberg, and more than 1,500 people died in 1912.

The last survivor, Millvina Dean, died in June 2009, aged 97. She had been the youngest passenger aboard the liner, just two-months-old.

She was in lifeboat 10 with her mother and brother, some of the first off the doomed ship.

Qixing Energy Investment Group first revealed their plan of spending 1 billion Yuan (£105 million) to rebuild the luxury liner in January 2014.

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  2. and halfway through construction the plans will change and turn it into a battleship or aircraft carrier.

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