Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock recently made a life changing donation to a retiree in need.

After learning Svend Petersen, the longtime pool manager for the Beverly Hills Hotel, had fallen on hard times and found himself homeless, the 52-year-old actress donated $5000 to the 86-year-old retiree according to The Wrap.

Along with her generous contribution, the Virginia-born actress shared an encouraging message from her son Louis, telling the man nicknamed the ‘Poolside Prince’, ‘Everything is going to be ok!’

The octogenarian tugged at heartstrings when his GoFundMe campaign went viral last week.

Svend, who worked at the iconic hotel as pool manager for over 45 years, serviced bigwigs of Hollywood like Marilyn Monroe and Fred Astaire, becoming known to his famous clientele as the Poolside Prince and the Cabana King.

But according to his GoFundMe page, after retiring Sven was ‘swindled’ by unscrupulous realtors who manipulated the elderly into selling his house, leaving the beloved pool manager homeless and owing over ‘$71,000 in taxes’ to the IRS.

Times were so hard for the former Beverly Hills Hotel employee that he said he sometimes went days between eating or managed to subsists on a measly ‘two bananas a day.’

Making things all the more dire, the retiree was also recently hospitalized with a serious infection.

The response to Svend’s plight was swift and enthusiastic, raising over $30,000 in 10 days – well over the $5900 goal set to help the elderly gentleman find an apartment.

Sandra made sure to spread hope with her generous donation of $5000, posting ‘Everything is going to be ok!’ a message given to her by seven-year-old son Louis.

Bullock is no stranger to charitable giving.

The Southern belle is a huge supporter of the American Red Cross, donating $1million dollars to the organization FOUR separate times.

Although she’s a generous giver in real life, Sandra’s next role will have her playing a cold-hearted thief.

The talented thespian stars as Debbie Ocean in the highly anticipated Ocean’s Eight, due out in 2018.

You can make your own contribution to Svend Petersen at GoFundMe.com.

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  1. Eskyman says:

    She’s got a heart of gold, and I like her too (some of her co-stars, not so much.)

    Too bad she donates to the Red Cross, though; that outfit has its administration well taken care of, but very little actually gets to the people who need the help that they are supposed to be providing.

    My folks knew a couple who were administrators in the RC long ago. At a cocktail party (remember them?) this couple wished that some disaster would happen in some exotic part of the world that they hadn’t been to yet. Sure enough, a few months later there was some terrible thing that happened in South America. So this couple flew first class down there to “help.” They stayed in first class hotels and had a wonderful “vacation,” all expenses paid. They had very high salaries, too; talk about living off other’s misery.

    I’ve had no use for the Red Cross ever since.

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