A bunch of Korans were found in a toilet.

Funny, isn’t it, how when we try saying, “it’s only a book and the First Amendment allows freedom of expression” ragheads and their liberal sycophants rejoinder with “but it symbolizes their religion so therefore it’s a hate crime.”

Yet when those leftists and ragheads burn our flag we’re prohibited from stopping them even though that flag symbolizes a country we hold dear and we’re told they have a First Amendment right.

In a few weeks we’ll find out it was done by leftists or those very same ragheads themselves.

Police are searching for whoever is responsible for depositing two Qurans in a toilet at the University of Texas Dallas last month.

Two copies of the Islamic religious text were found in a men’s room toilet at the campus’ student union on March 28.

A student found the books and immediately went to campus police to report the incident.

Police believe the books were deposited in the toilet between 6pm and 7pm, and have been reviewing security footage to pinpoint the person or persons responsible.

So far, they say about a half dozen students went into the bathroom during that time period.

UT Dallas Police Chief Larry Zacharias says the incident was ‘very rare and strange’ since no note was left behind taking responsibility for the act.

Zacharias said that they initially suspected the books were taken from the Reflection Room, which is also in the Student Union. But both people who entered the room during that time frame left the room empty handed.

Since no one has claimed the Qurans as stolen property, the incident can not be considered a crime.

Nonetheless, police continue to investigate.

UT Dallas junior Mohammad Syed, president of the campus’ Muslim Student Association, says he was shocked by the story.

‘It’s definitely saddening and a little disturbing as well,’ Syed told NBC Dallas-Forth Worth. ‘It’s something that we do not expect to happen, especially at this campus.’

He added: ‘UT Dallas is a very welcoming environment. And I have nothing but good things to say about it.’

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3 Responses to IT’S A START (PART 2)

  1. BobF says:

    I wonder what they’ll do to the person who threw these Korans in the toiled if they find them? They’ll most likely expel him if a student and probably prosecute him for a Hate Crime. Now, if it were Bibles, the person would be given a pat on the back.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    If, as in many cases, it’s a “set up” a Mooslime or nigger who identifies as a Mooslime is usually the culprit. Then it’ll be buried or not even mentioned in the Liberal MSM.

  3. Eskyman says:

    What’s the problem? Putting korans in the toilet is like returning a book to the library it came from, isn’t it?

    The correct place for a koran IS in the toilet!

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