The cop who dragged that guy off the plane was suspended.

Check out the headline: “Chicago Cop Put On Leave For Dragging Asian Man Off United Flight”

Does that mean if he were white the result would have been different?

Who’s being condescended to or placated here?

The Chicago aviation officer who dragged an Asian man off the United Airlines flight Sunday has been placed on leave, the department announced.

The department placed the officer on paid leave because his actions did not meet “standard operating procedure,” reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

“The incident on United flight 3411 was not in accordance with our standard operating procedure and the actions of the aviation security officer are obviously not condoned,” aviation department spokeswoman Karen Pride said. “That officer has been placed on leave effective today pending a thorough review of the situation.”

The officer helped drag an Asian doctor off the Sunday United flight after the airline announced that some passengers needed to leave to accommodate for United Airlines crew members. The Asian man refused to leave, saying he needed to say on the flight because he had patients to attend to.

Video of the incident showed officers forcibly dragging the man off the flight, despite pleas from other passengers to stop. The Asian man, bleeding profusely, begged them to “just kill me,” video shows.

The United Airlines CEO apologized for having to “re-accommodate the customers” and said the company would be looking into the matter.

The Department of Transportation is also looking into the situation to make sure the airlines followed the consumer protection regulations.

“While it is legal for airlines to involuntary bump passengers from an oversold flight when there are not enough volunteers, it is the airline’s responsibility to determine its own fair boarding priorities,” the department stated.


Of course, he’s even more of a hero because now we find out he’s also a drug criminal.

But you can bet they’d have ripped him a new asshole if he’d been wearing a Trump t-shirt.

When I saw those viral videos yesterday of the guy getting dragged off the United flight, I had one immediate thought, followed by a second, conflicting thought:

“Holy crap, why are they doing that to a doctor?”

“Holy crap, why is a doctor behaving like that?”

United Airlines has mishandled this whole thing just about as badly as possible, every step of the way. They’ve turned pretty much everybody against them. But I’ve reserved judgment, because it felt like there had to be more to the story. As it turns out, there is. Morgan Watkins, Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY):

When airport security yanked David Dao off an overbooked flight Sunday, bloodying him as they dragged him down the aisle, he was thrust into the international spotlight.
Dao, an Elizabethtown doctor, is familiar to many Kentuckians who recall his convictions on drug-related offenses in 2004…

Dao, who went to medical school in Vietnam in the 1970s before moving to the U.S., has worked as a pulmonologist in Elizabethtown but was arrested in 2003 and eventually convicted of drug-related offenses after an undercover investigation, according to documents filed with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure last June.

As for Dao’s history as a doctor in Kentucky, the medical licensure board documents allege that he was involved in fraudulent prescriptions for controlled substances and was sexually involved with a patient who used to work for his practice and assisted police in building a case against him.

Well, that certainly adds a new wrinkle to the story.

Now, does that justify what United did? In my opinion, no. There had to be a better way to handle it. They deserve all the criticism and all the lost business they’re getting from this. Dragging screaming passengers out of their seats is not a good look.

But frankly, if this guy was my doctor, I’d start looking for a new doctor. The behavior in those videos is not normal, let alone for a medical professional. Nobody would be happy about being made to leave an airline seat they’d paid for, and nobody would be happy about having to reschedule appointments the next day. But throwing a screaming fit, and then wandering around afterward muttering “I need to get home” over and over, makes me worry for the man’s well-being and the safety of his patients. This new information puts that behavior in a new light.

I’m not supposed to say that, though, because that’s “siding with corporations.” That’s “thinking about stuff before forming an opinion about it.” Facts are facts, but any facts that conflict with the narrative you’ve already decided upon don’t count. Everybody sneers at “advocacy journalism,” and then they complain when a story is more complicated than they first thought. Then, facts become “smears.”

Sorry, but nobody is coming out of this story looking good. Yell at me if you want, but it ain’t my fault.

Personally, the whole thing is helpful to me. In one fell swoop, I’ve ruled out one prospective airline and one prospective doctor. I don’t want anybody involved in this story getting my business.

Knowledge is power.

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4 Responses to SO NOW WE KNOW

  1. BobF says:

    Why they making a big deal because he was Asian? It’s irrelevant he was Asian and also had drug problems 13 years ago. I read another article saying he was a sexual deviant and then another article saying the guy was a saint. Hard to figure what to believe. The only thing I know is true is that they dragged a man off an aircraft who had paid for his seat with money they accepted.

  2. dekare says:

    Not sure if the cop is the real perpetrator here. He was given an order to remove the man. What was he supposed to do? The guy resisted, and as a cop, you can’t just walk away because the subject refused to comply. Also, I don’t think he meant to slam the guy into the armrest, as we all know, when you get into a scuffle, things get out of hand quickly. Then, they dragged him off…well what other choice did they have? Leave him there unconscious?

    the real scumbag in this situation is whoever made the decision to send in the cops to begin with. This is something that should have been handled PRIOR to boarding the plane. The plane was NOT over-booked, the airlines simply wanted to put their people on the plane so they could work a flight at another airport. In other words, profit was placed in higher priority over the concerns of paying passengers who did nothing wrong.

    There are certain and specific laws when it comes to hotels when giving customers stay and when cabs, buses and airlines handle passengers that date back for sometime. Laws that give customers rights and give certain responsibilities to the businesses in caring for their customers. Kinda like in Game of Thrones or Outlander where you must provide your guests with special protections and are not allowed to harm your guests who you have given food and shelter….yeah…kinda like that.

    This man boarded the plane, and was due these protections by the airlines. What we had here was a simple issue of supply and demand. The airlines said if offered $800 or $1,000 for anyone who left the plane voluntarily. But sadly, that final offer was the price they valued their customers at and after that, deemed it better and cheaper to simply remove customers under threat of violence. Why did United not simply keep raising the offer until somebody took it. I bet had they upped the ante to say $1,500 bucks, or maybe a bump up to first class on the next flight out would have done the trick. Heck, make it $2,000…a drop in the bucket over what this will and has cost them so far. I read that United stock values plummeted almost $600 million just after this incident became news, and by days end, was somewhere in the negative of about $255 million. Sure makes the whole bumping the offer up to $2 grand for a seat sound like one hell of a bargain to me. What is the price of a man’s dignity? Getting beat up and bloodied and dragged off the plane like a piece of garbage is no way to win over the hearts and minds of customers. So much for their slogan, “Fly the friendly skies of United”. This is something you expect from a guy named Negan…not your friendly airline.

    Regardless of this man’s past, he paid his price. He was in the beginning of putting his life back together after over ten years of suffering. His license was just returned to him on a very limited basis only one year ago. After what happened to him, this man truly thought his life was over again. He was made to feel like he was the bad guy, and was beaten up for it….by cops, because he thought he had the right to demand to stay in the seat he paid for and be taken home so he could get to his job the following morning. A job he just recently got the right to return to. Missing a day was not something he could do in his mind.

    The biggest thing that rubs me raw on this, is that a private company, used the force of the govt in order to increase it’s profits. That is the nuts and bolts of what happened. Kinda like how the homeowners of New London were treated after they refused to move from their homes in order for a private business to create profit. They used the govts threat of violence to remove them as opposed to simply upping the ante. They put a price on human beings, and when these pathetic humans refused to assist them in their never-ending quest for money, they sic’d the govt goons on them. And for me, that is the worst of tyranny. A private entity with NO governmental power, had the say on who was to get removed and beat up on their plane. Yes, it’s their plane, but there are laws on how you treat customers, and there are morality issues as well.

    For me, this is horrifying. The airline sells seats on planes based on demand. We have seen flights for $69 and flights that cost thousands. Same seat, different price…all based on demand. These people paid for their seats, and United valued these seats at a higher price than these people paid. But instead of paying them for the value of their seats….the value that each person placed on their seat after having woken up, driven to the airport, gone thru the TAS security, waiting in line after line, boarding the plane, stowing their luggage, and sitting their butts down, well, they had much more vested into their seat than just the actual cost of the ticket. If United wanted a seat, they should have paid the value. The same as when they demand money for seats based on value when the sell them. They saved what, maybe a few hundred bucks at best. But at what cost. They were willing to not only destroy a man’s dignity, but ruin his reputation, have him arrested, destroy his career, his livelihood, his life, just to save from having to pay more than $800 for that seat. To me, that is disgusting. I hope they pay for this…and they will.

  3. Eskyman says:

    Well said, dekare. I entirely agree!

    The man’s past has nothing to do with the treatment he received unjustly. Those who use character assassination to absolve United of its crime (assault and battery is a crime) simply lower themselves in my estimation.

  4. BobF says:

    WOW…well said dekare….very well said sir.

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