Like how many times concealed carriers STOP crime.

Air Force Lt. Brandon Teel pulled out his concealed carry weapon in early April and saved the life of a man who was being viciously stabbed by his brother.

Teel happened to witness an altercation between 30-year-old Chris Terry and his brother 47-year-old Darren Terry while on the way home from work on April 4 in Austin, Arkansas. The situation escalated when Chris pulled out a knife, KATV reports.

Police credit Teel with saving Darren’s life.

“Lt. Teel’s actions on April 3rd most definitely saved a life. Lt. Teel is a perfect example of a responsible concealed carry permit holder. He acted heroically in the face of extreme danger and avoided a tragedy,” Austin Police Chief Bill Duerson said.

Teel put in a call to police officers as the events unfolded, but noticed the situation was spiraling out of control.

Chris began stabbing Darren, at which point Teel pulled out his concealed carry handgun and held Chris at gunpoint to make sure the fight didn’t get any worse.

Teel did not discharge his weapon.

By the time police arrived at the scene of a home at about 6:30 p.m., Darren suffered three stab wounds that required serious medical attention.

Police then immediately arrested Chris as the suspect.

Darren is now receiving treatment at a local hospital, while Chris went to the Lonoke County Jail and was slapped with a charge of first degree domestic battery.

Teel is an airman stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base. He serves with the Air Forces Reserves 189th Airlift Wing.

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    The Liberal anti-gun MSM will never highlight these types of situations. They’re only interested in stirring up the frightened gun-ignorant masses.

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