We’re being told teachers should allow ebonics because our grammar is too hard to learn.

Sorry, if they’re that stupid, send them back to Africa to live with their cousins in the trees picking nits off one another.

Evolution wasn’t done with them as many still lacked proper intelligence and the ability to learn more than rudimentary skills.

An undergraduate researcher at the University of Wisconsin–Madison has gained national acclaim for her research showing, she says, that members of minority groups feel oppressed by standard, grammatical English.

The researcher is Erika Gallagher, reports The Daily Cardinal, the student newspaper on the taxpayer-funded campus.

Gallagher’s research was chosen to be presented at the Collegiate Conference on Composition and Communication in Portland, Oregon earlier this semester.

The focus of the junior’s research is a theory called “code switching.” Basically, adherents of “code switching” say that individuals will seek to alter their speech patterns to fit the group of people with which they are communicating.

Members of minority groups feel especially marginalized because of “code switching,” Gallagher’s research found.

To avoid any hurt feelings some people may feel by attempting to speak standard, correct English, Gallagher wants to eradicate the stigma associated with Ebonics — or African–American Vernacular English, a nonstandard dialect of English spoken by some black people.

“I want to center the voices of the people who need to be centered,” Gallagher, a participant in the UW-Madison writing fellows program, told The Daily Cardinal. “As a white-passing person, I have a lot of power and privilege that should be shared.”

Ultimately, she explained, she wants to expand her research and eventually create a nonprofit group which urges teachers across the United States “to be more accepting” and to present their classes with disclaimers urging students to speak using the language which makes the students most comfortable.

Gallagher said her experience as a writing fellow, which involves helping other students improve their writing abilities, led her to believe that a focus on details such as proper English grammar causes minority students to feel excluded.

The social welfare major’s acclaimed research involved talking at length with three minority students about how they perceive language. Using standard English as “the biggest form of cognitive dissonance that exists,” one of the students said.

“Just because you speak a different way doesn’t mean you’re not smart,” Gallagher told the Cardinal.

Gallagher is a Posse scholar at UW-Madison. The Posse scholar program “identifies public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential who may be overlooked by traditional college selection processes.”

According to her Facebook page, Gallagher has also been the lead camp counselor at Burgundy Farm Country Day School, “a nurturing environment that engages the whole child” where a year of junior kindergarten costs $26,934 and a year of sixth grade costs $30,814.

Gallagher’s Facebook likes include Bernie Sanders, the International Socialist Organization of Madison and, of course, Colin Kaepernick.

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  1. BobF says:

    Funny Obama didn’t have any problem speaking proper English. Blacks living in England don’t have any problems speaking the Queens English. Those first generation Italian and Polish children born to Immigrants have no problems with English. Why is it only Blacks in America have this problem?

  2. bogsidebunny says:


    The African-Americans are like little children. If the government and school administrators put their collective foot down and didn’t pander to the cornrowed pickaninnies they would become fluent in the “King’s English”. Look at Ben Carson, Allan West and other blacks. They’re great examples of what can be achieved. The very effective weapon of the “dullards” both black & white (liberals) can be referred to in one word: “RACIST”. More powerful than a speeding locomotive, deadlier than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall moral standards in a single syllable. Politicians quake at the idea of being labeled “RACIST”. The mere accusation destroys political careers in a single stroke.

    We’re DOOMED!

  3. What be da prolem bro?

    I be speeken Ebonics all my life! What is fee fie fo fe fe fi fo?
    Dat be Leon Spinks’ fone numba!

    How do you say “What time is it” in Eboncs? Make a gesture with your hand like
    you are pointing a gun, and reply “Gimme yo watch mutha fucka!”

    How do you say two in Ebonics? Bofa dem!

    I saw this shit coming decades ago. This creeping socialism of multiculturalism
    was easy enough to predict, but when it got to the point we could no longer call
    a spade a spade, it reached the level of surreal.

    There was case in which a black law school student complained that
    his professor admonished him to speak proper English, because he would
    need those skills in a courtroom. Think My Cousin Vinny, and the word “Yoot.”

    When you see a case in which (4) 350 pound Samoans who brutally beat and gang-
    raped a woman, and the Carson Sherrifs Department dropped charges, deferring to
    “Tribal justice,” I knew criminal justice had been drastically altered! (This was back
    in 1980.)

    Catch the Torrance PD using the term “Male Usual” to describe out of town types
    on their radios, they were savaged in the press! It’s a good thing nobody discovered
    their term “Nairobi Freeway” to describe to 110. Clue: People from Compton and
    South Central would travel to the South Bay, rob a liquor store or gas station near
    the freeway and haul ass back home.

    If you put a gun to the noggins of the TV news anchors, you couldn’t force them to
    tell the race of a suspect at large even when the race was clearly evident in the
    police artists sketch!

    The ultime irony about this BULLSHIT language came from Thomas Sowell. What
    they call “Ebonics” was actually a dialect common to Northern England in use about
    300 years ago. The majority of white settlers in the South were white Scots – Irish.

    So, “How you be, I be fine, over yonder, and the like have their origins in White
    English.” You really could not make this shit up, they actually learned it from
    their slave masters!

    One day while I was out on the road, I stopped off at a Winchells Donout house
    just off the Artesia Freeway. A black guy asked me for directions. You know this
    guy was fresh out of the DEEP South when he asked me if I could help direct
    him back onto the “Big road up yonder.” Coffee flew out of my nose because I
    imagined I was talking to a sun-tanned version of Jethro Bodine!

    Just yesterday, there was a “Disturbance” at the South Bay Galeria. Torrance
    and Redondo Beach cops were hauling ass to the mall to break up a flass mob
    of “Yoots.” Not one word on the Intertubes, not one mention in the Daily Sleeze!
    FYI, South bay area malls are where the sophisticated urban types do their
    Christmas shoplifting!

  4. PS I could not help myself:

  5. dekare says:

    Not to get off topic too much…but there is no movie funnier than Airplane. Four Rooms comes close, but Airplane is the original that was so often tried to copy, but never quite achieved the same level. “Surely you jest?”

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