Sally the Salad Robot.

No vacation.
No healthcare.
No overtime.
Works 24/7.
No griping.
No sick leave.

It’s a wonderful world…..for restaurant owners.

salad bot
Not realizing how many toppings are being added to your salad can make a once healthy meal more fattening than a hamburger.

Now, a California-based firm has developed a robot that dispenses measured quantities of more than 20 ingredients and offers precise caloric counts using proprietary technology.

Named Sally, this salad-making robot is capable of building more than one thousand types of ready-to-eat salads in about 60 seconds.

The machine is one of the latest players in the robotic food-service industry, which is predicted to be a multi-billion industry, Bloomberg reported.

Sally was developed by the California-based firm Chowbotics, which uses robots to solve problems in food service such as cleanliness and efficiency.

The robot is set to make its way into cafeterias, restaurants and hotels, where it will offer fully-customized, fresh and healthy salads.

Not only has Chowbotics said that their robot is more efficient than human salad-makers, but it is also capable of ‘knowing’ exactly how many calories are in your order using proprietary technology.

Consumers simply place their bowl in the salad dispensing area and select different options on a large touch screen positioned on the front of the machine.

The caloric count will be highlighted towards the bottom of the screen, showing users how many calories are being added as you select different toppings in the system – allowing you to remove or add more as you go along.

Once you’ve finished selecting the desired ingredients, Sally will begin building your salad by dispensing one ingredient at a time.

Chowbotics has also noted that Sally is more hygienic than sending your order through multiple people in an assembly line.

In fact, Sally does not need any help from human workers when it comes to prepping the ingredients that are dispensed from canisters installed in the robot – all a human has to do is fill up the containers.

Sally weighs a whopping 350 pounds, making it more ideal for industrial settings, however, Chowbotics said the robot will ‘be going on a diet’ in order to appeal to the public.

And although consumers can customize their orders, Sally does offer a few specialty salads.

These include Sally’s Salad (romaine with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, walnuts, Parmesan, and black peppercorn ranch); The Power Chow Salad (kale with cabbage, sun-dried cranberries, walnuts, and honey mustard vinaigrette); and The Silicon Valley Salad (seared chicken breast with kale, mixed bell peppers, olives, crunchy wonton chips, and honey mustard).

Consumers will have a wide variety of toppings to choose from when building their salad, but the firm has regretfully shared they will not be able to add one of California’s signature ingredients – avocado.

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