Guy finds intruder taking shower in his home.

Warns him and then returns to air condition him.

Guy is now facing murder charges.

A Washington state homeowner has been charged with murder for shooting dead an intruder who had broken in and was using his shower.

The homeowner opened fire on Nathaniel Joseph Rosa, 31, of Bothell, while he was still in the bathroom, killing him, cops say.

The man,, who has not named, told police that he had arrived at his place of work – next which is the neighboring property to his home in East Trails Road, Mason County, Washington, when he noticed signs of forced entry.

He then entered the property, from which he runs an internet-based business, and found an intruder using his shower at around 8am on Saturday, Komo reports.

The homeowner confronted the man and the two exchanged words before he returned to his house next door to retrieve his gun.

Mason County Sheriff’s Lt. Travis Adams said he ‘retrieved a firearm, came back over to the residence and fired multiple rounds into the shower… killing the intruder.’

The homeowner then called 911, telling them he had shot the intruder.

He has since been arrested and charged with second degree murder.

Detectives say the suspect had plenty of time between going home, retrieving the gun, and returning to shoot the intruder, to call the authorities.

They also do not believe the man gave any warning to Rosa – who was not believed to have been armed at the time – before he opened fire.

‘Certainly he had an opportunity to call law enforcement at that time,’ Adams said. ‘And we’ve contacted our local prosecutor, explained the circumstances to him, and he agrees that 2nd degree murder was an appropriate charge in this case.’

Investigators said the homeowner is cooperating with detectives.

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8 Responses to WHAT SAY YOU?

  1. I take it Washington State does not have a Castle Doctrine?

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    I’d say that given the fact the guy had ample time to retreat, then returned to blast the scumbag, he f’ed up big time. It’s people that make these kinds of decisions that make it tougher on the rest of us. Did the intruder deserve it? Absolutely. The homeowner is going to go to jail. He should be imprisoned for a week or two just for stupidity. Upon his release, he should get a medal for ridding society of another scumbag.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Washington State is a hive of Liberal, anti-gun shitheads. The entire West Coast is fucked. Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and of course San Francisco are just 3 cities that should be cleansed of every living perverted Libtoid human. We must contain and eradicate the cancer.

  4. I have to agree with RNG that was a foolish thing to do. If he felt his life was threatened he should have stayed in his home with his gun. Pretty stupid thing to do in my view and as RNG says this kind of crap gives gun owners a bad name.

  5. dekare says:

    And this is why the castle doctrine is so damned important. However, that being said, even if you have a legal right to kill someone, does not mean you always should. Get the hell out, get your gun, call the cops, and make sure said scumbag doesn’t leave with any of your stuff.

    What I don’t get is the level of stupidity this idiot exhibited. He was obviously not in any immediate danger. And furthermore, he could have crafted a better story. Hell, no one could argue against him, as the only other witness is currently not saying anything. Had he watched South Park, he would not be in the hot water he is right now.

  6. BobF says:

    I agree with dekare. The homeowner was in no danger as he left the premises. He could have just called the cops and let them deal with it but he had to go back in shooting. All he did was make it difficult for those who are legitimately in danger to protect themselves with lethal force.

  7. redneckgeezer says:

    My son lives near Seattle. He has many things to say about the snowflakes there that make me wonder about humanity. However, he also tells me that virtually ALL of the rest of the state is filled with lots of people with guns and reasonable ideologies. Too bad when you count them all up, Seattle has more nutballs than the rest of the state.

    At the very least, I still think this moron could have concocted a more reasonable story than the one he told.

  8. Dan says:

    While I sympathize with the frustration of dealing with people who break in to your property, cause damage etc. in this instance it would appear the deceased did NOT pose a reasonable and realistic threat to the homeowner. That means he was NOT justified in using deadly force.

    Now…..if we could just get the DA’s and courts to apply this rule of law to badgemonkeys we would
    ALL be much safer.

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