Meteor Showers

I stumbled onto a fascinating tool called Meteor Showers to display the various meteor showers through which our planet passes. After opening the site in a browser tab and leaving it there a couple of days, I can’t remember how I found it, so I’m not sure to whom I ought to give credit. Nonetheless, it’s quite interesting. You can select various meteor showers to display, view them from the perspective of the entire solar system, view them from earth, move the plane of any view, and do a host of things as you see how these meteor showers move through our solar system. You can even select the date and time. The first time I played with this thing, I must have spent at least an hour and I’ve gone back several times. It was especially interesting to see the orbital path of the Geminids, which was quite small compared to others.

I found tons more interesting things when I removed the end of the url and went directly to the top level of the website, the personal webpage of Ian Webster. Apparently he’s a software engineer with experience at a number of companies. He’s created all sorts of fun tools. It’s worth some time if you like astronomy.


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