Kid with “special needs” (virtually all kids today) gets patted down by TSA.

Mother outraged it took so long.

A mother who asked TSA agents at DFW International Airport for alternative screening for her son with special needs said they were “treated like dogs” and forced to miss a flight during an extensive security check, according to her Facebook post that has since gone viral.

But the Transportation Security Administration said in a prepared statement that it followed approved procedures to “resolve an alarm of the passenger’s laptop.”

Jennifer Williamson wrote Sunday morning that her son has a sensory processing disorder and that she asked agents to “screen him in other ways per TSA rules.”

An accompanying video shows a TSA agent patting down her son. The agent pats down his backside before moving to his front. She writes in the post they were kept for more than hour in the “horrifying” incident.

TSA disputed Williamson’s account, noting in its statement that the passengers were at the checkpoint for about 45 minutes, including the time it took to discuss screening procedures with the teen’s mother and the inspection of three carry-on items. The pat-down took about two minutes, according to the agency.

Williamson’s post had more than 26,000 shares by Monday afternoon.

“Let me make something else crystal clear,” she wrote. “He set off NO alarms. He physically did not alarm at all during screening, he passed through the detector just fine. He is still several hours later saying ‘I don’t know what I did. What did I do?’ I am livid.

“I wish I had taped the entire interchange because it was horrifying. We had two DFW police officers that were called and flanking him on each side. Somehow these power tripping TSA agents who are traumatizing children and doing whatever they feel like without any cause, need to be reined in.”

TSA said two police officers were called to mitigate the mother’s concerns.

“The video shows a male TSA officer explaining the procedure to the passenger, who fully cooperates,” the agency’s statement reads. “Afterward, the TSA officer was instructed by his supervisor, who was observing, to complete the final step of the screening process.”

Williamson could not be reached for comment.

CORRECTION, 7:50 p.m., March 27: Because of an error in a TSA statement, an earlier version of this story incorrectly said that the family was at the airport checkpoint for 35 minutes. The agency said the passengers were at the checkpoint for 45 minutes.

These two comments pretty much nail it from my perspective:

and have done a LOT of pediatric home care. I have seen a lot of families expect the world to revolve around them, literally. I have seen families that do little or no work, sit at home and watch TV, while the nurse (me) takes care of their mealticket. I have also seen families enjoy and demand special treatment, and astronomical lifestyles, while taxpayers pick up the tab, thanks to ADA. Do not assume, automatically, that this is not a whiner, dramaqueen. They missed a flight. Happens to folks all the time. The morning news does not jump in for those folks. A kid saying what did I do wrong is not indicative of permanent emotional scarring. Sounds like the mom was a lot more upset that the red carpet had a few creases in it, and she was inconvenienced and delayed. We have also seen wheelchairs with ieds on planes too. Sounds to me like the main scarring of emotions to this child will be likely due to an overly dramatic mom. Get over yourself, and stop expecting to be the exceptional exception to rules that are there for everyone’s safety We all dislike TSA. We also all dislike exploding planes, and planes that have to be diverted back to the departing airport, because of, well, drama. Get over yourself

Face it, the problem was the lady who was too dense or self absorbed to turn off her laptop got delayed, even though she was used to being the first to board, and get a window seat, because she had a special needs child to get her specialized treatment! I would be livid too! The nerve! They treated her like one of the regular passengers! The nerve!

Imagine how emberasing it must be for that child, to have a mom like this? Imagine YOUR mom posting all of this, and demanding everyone’s sympathy. How would you feel if your mom did that to you? Now, who do you think is doing more harm, the TSA agents who are doing their duty, because mom left her laptop on, or the mom, who puts this out for the whole world to see, and dote on HER special needs and sensitivity?

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  1. BobF says:

    The pat down took two minutes. How long does it take to pat down a kid wearing shorts and a T-shirt? I understand the reason they had to do the pat down but this was too excessive.

  2. Eskyman says:

    Except tor Kabuki theater, the TSA is useless, although it does provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people who are unemployable in any normal workplace.

    Why did this “patdown” take 35 or 45 minutes? Were any bombs/AK-47s/RPGs found? (Of course not, the TSA never finds anything, as numerous tests have shown.) Did the young man get a “happy ending?” If not, obviously the patdown wasn’t “thorough” enough!

    The TSA should be abolished as the un-American thing it is, and the airlines charged with providing security. They’d do a better job of it, especially if their profit line depended on it!

  3. Kenneth Lee says:

    If you watched the video, it was way excessive!

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