Vegan mothers more likely to have poorly performing kids in school.

WOW! Who’d a thunk having your kids eat shit food results in poor performance?

Vegan mothers are more likely to have children who perform worse at school, a new research suggests.

They are preventing their infants from getting enough of a vital vitamin in the womb, scientists warn.

This then affects their development when they are being brought up, according to the latest Norwegian study.

In the research on young infants, low levels of vitamin B12 – found mainly in meat, dairy and eggs, made them score worse on tests.

They also struggled to complete puzzles, were less able to recognise letters and interpret other children’s feelings, researchers found.

Vegan mothers are preventing their infants from getting enough of a vital vitamin in the womb, scientists warn
Vegan mothers are preventing their infants from getting enough of a vital vitamin in the womb, scientists warn

Norwegian experts believe that having a deficiency impairs and even delays brain development in small children.

The scientists collected blood samples from 500 infants in Bhaktapur, Nepal, to measure their B12 status.

Around five years later they contacted more than half of these youngsters to conduct various tests of their mental ability.

The findings from Uni Research in Bergen were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Study author Ingrid Kvestad said: ‘Our study is one contribution in the big puzzle to understand the implications low B12 levels might have on small children’s cognitive development.’

Key nutrients for babies are known to be vitamin B12 and vitamin D, as well as iron, zinc and calcium.

Getting enough B12, which comes from milk and eggs, is a specific concern in the vegan diet as a deficiency can lead to neurological problems.

It is necessary for the body’s vital functions, including the production of red blood cells and breaking down food products.

A deficiency can also cause anaemia and severe damage to the nervous system if sustained over a long period.

While it can also create other complications during pregnancy, and has been linked to premature births.

In low income countries, where many eat limited amounts of meat and other animal products, many are deficient.

But in countries where people eat high levels of animal products, only a small percentage of pregnant women are deficient.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The study just backs up common sense. Being a “vegan” is a Liberal fad, like nose rings, body piercing and outrageous tattooing. Shitheads think they’re unique but there are millions of these turds floating around the great sea of humanity.

    In essence, vegan assholes are in the same league as the 5 foot4 inch bloated 400 bimbo babes and blubber men who live solely on carbonated soda, potato chips, French fries and Big Macs.

  2. Steamboat McGoo says:

    sbs – couldn’t agree with you more. “Vegan” is just another virtue signaling contrivance used by self-absorbed attention-seeking idiots.

  3. Steamboat McGoo says:

    That would be “bsb”. {duh?}

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    You’re forgiven Steamboat. 🙂

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