Political Correctness in the Air Force

The first video is an Air Force recruiting song from the 1950’s, call Air Force Blue.   The second video is today’s PC bastardized version of this great song.


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3 Responses to Political Correctness in the Air Force

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I’ve always thought the following was the “official” U.S. Air Force song, but apparently it was abandoned (but not forgotten) when the Army Air Force became an independent organization in 1947.

    Here’s a version where the YouTube poster played with the lyrics:

  2. Eskyman says:

    Huh. I’m ex-AF, served 1967-71, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard “US Air Force Blue,” far as I can recall! I’m afraid that I just can’t make out the lyrics on the 2nd version to tell how it’s changed from the original, but these days everything has to go PC, so nothing would surprise me. Sigh.

    AFAIK the official song is still “Wild Blue Yonder,” and I like the version Bogside posted. Here’s another one I like (most of the “Official Air Force Songs” that I found online were instrumental, though they acknowledged that there were lyrics- they just didn’t say what they were!)

  3. BobF says:

    The song Bogs posted is the official Air Force Song. Air Force Blue was a recruiting song done by Mitch Miller.

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