You just knew they were ground apes, didn’t you?

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Shocking video has emerged of a massive brawl between diners at an IHOP in Austin, Texas.

A group of men and women all seem to be sitting around and enjoying their meal, but then a few customers start yelling at each other.

Onlookers took out their phones to take videos or photos when three or four women started throwing punches and beating each other, all while yelling and repeatedly calling one another ‘b****’.

LaRon Perkins seemed to find the encounter hilarious, and posted the video on Facebook, saying: ‘It went down in Austin IHOP last night !! Bihh got to throwin plates from our table & all our s*** was free.’

It’s not clear why they started fighting, but footage shows friends trying to keep the women apart.

However, they continually escape their friends grips to launch themselves at each other.

At one point, footage shows that two of the women have a third, who is wearing a tight red dress, in a headlock.

When she escapes she goes over to one of the tables and grabs a plates of food and chucks them across the restaurant.

One of the women can also be heard saying ‘this is my city b****’.

The fighting slows down at multiple times throughout the video, only to pick back up when the women are able to break free and start again.

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  1. BobF says:

    Those girls fighting were all dressed up.

    Blacks back 30 years and more didn’t act like that in public places. It seems the lessons of proper manners and decency taught them by their parents were never passed on to subsequent generations. But then, many young Blacks didn’t grow up in two parent homes as the mothers were just tramps.

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