Airstrikes on ISIS took out over 200 civilians!

YAY! That many fewer who will art some time in their lives attack innocents.

And just how exactly did these assclowns come to the conclusion these people were civilians? They all dress alike and absence of a gun is no proof.

All I can saay is we need to do this over ….and over …..and over ….and over …..and over ….and over …..and over ….and over …..and over.

Around 230 people – mostly women and children – who were being used as ‘human shields’ by ISIS were killed when an airstrike by the US-led coalition triggered a huge explosion in Mosul.

Civil defence agency officials said three buildings in the Jadida neighbourhood of west Mosul collapsed and it is believed the airstrike set off explosives in a lorry being used by ISIS militants.

The incident reportedly happened last Friday but details are only just emerging.

One man who survived the blast told reporters: ‘The entire neighbourhood was fleeing because of missiles so people had taken refuge here.

‘I didn’t know if it was a shelter. I didn’t know we couldn’t go there. My entire family is inside, 27 people. We pulled only one of them out. We don’t know about the rest.’

Brigadier Mohammed al-Jawari told reporters rescue teams were still retrieving bodies from the rubble of the houses near Rahma hospital, which has been the site of heavy fighting between Iraqi forces and hardcore ISIS fighters.

Brig al-Jawari told the al-Mosuliliya channel 40 bodies had been recovered from the buildings that collapsed.

He said: ‘Finding survivors is very difficult because the area is completely destroyed. It’s a very big disaster, indeed we can describe it as a disaster.’

But a resident who has been tweeted under the name Mosul Eye told the Daily Telegraph one of the residents, who was trapped in the rubble, had called him yesterday begging for help and saying they had been without food and water for several days.

Mosul Eye said: ‘This is what Isis wants. They want the Iraqi special forces and coalition to target civilians, this is why they are using them.’

He said ISIS had set off a car bomb in the area, which may have brought down the airstrike on the truck.

Local MP Faris al-Sanjari said the coalition air strike had targeted a truck bomb causing a huge explosion.

He said: ‘You can’t kill dozens just to destroy a booby-trapped truck parked near houses.’

The coalition has not given details on any specific air strike or comment on a Mosul Jadida district operation.

‘We are aware of reports on airstrikes in Mosul resulting in civilian casualties. The coalition conducted several strikes near Mosul and we will provide this information to our civilian casualty team for further investigation,’ the coalition said in a statement.

Families fleeing Mosul have talked of high numbers of civilians killed by air strikes, and said that in many cases ISIS fighters using homes as cover have already slipped away by the time airstrikes hit.

Other displaced residents say they have been forced to act as human shields.

One Iraqi official put the total casualties at more than 137. Bodies were believed to be still buried inside collapsed homes.

‘A coalition air strike hit a residential street last Friday and destroyed at least 30 houses. We halted rescue operations today for lack of heavy equipment, jack hammers and trucks to remove debris,’ he said.

One witness said heavy air strikes in the area began on March 7 but last Friday a strike hit a massive Islamic State truck bomb in a residential area, which exploded and destroyed seven homes where dozens of people were hiding.

Another resident said 25 homes were damaged. With fighting still going on, residents have been unable to recover bodies since the strike, the resident said.

Rights groups have expressed concern over the mounting civilian death toll, with Islamic State fighting among homes and densely-populated areas as the campaign to defeat the militant group in its last Iraqi stronghold enters its sixth month.

Iraqi military and US-led coalition have been countering with heavy weaponry and air strikes to support troops on the ground moving into the narrow alleyways of Mosul’s Old City.

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3 Responses to AWESOME NEWS!!

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    General Curtis “Incinerate Nips” LeMay and former British Air marshal Arthur “Butcher” Harris are smiling.

  2. Now if we could only construct OUR OWN Tsar Bombas….and drop it on Mecca! and on Medina! and on Qom! and on Tehran! et cetera.

  3. This should be done EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! I have said that if the Israelies used
    this tactic, they could win in a week. Let us quit trying to fool ourselves. In most
    of these situations, the civilians are willing participants who sympathize with the
    terrorists some 90 percent or more of the time.

    This is no different than our experiences in Vietnam. It makes no difference if the
    civilians are openly colaborating with the enemy or being forced to so by the bad guys.
    Making the populace pay a heavy price will modify their behavior. They will all of a
    sudden find another place to be when the shit hits the fan. Many Vietnam war vets
    told us about how there would be kid playing in the streets when they came into
    a villiage, but they would disappear just before an attack occurred!

    That was the genus of that old saying there are no innocent civillians. I have met
    a grand total of ONE Muslim who would not in one breath tell me terrorism is
    wrong, and in the next, justify it. If they suffer, fuck-em! Just like the IRA, it
    is the support of the civillians who feed them by stuffing dollars in a jar at
    the local pub.

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