In my favor:

1. it’s Chicago
2. the POS’ name is “Shemar”
3. the POS is a troublemaker

Just got halfway down the article: he’s a ground ape.

Eisenhower High School driver’s education teacher Vince Ziebarth is out of a job after a parent complained he wouldn’t let her son ride in his vehicle after the boy refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ziebarth said he told 15-year-old Shemar Cooper he would have to take lessons from one of the school’s six other driver’s education teachers if he refused to honor the American flag and the soldiers who died to protect their freedoms, CBS Chicago reports.

The two seemed to have an understanding, Ziebarth said, but he was later fired from the district where’s he worked for the last eight years after Cooper’s mother, Kelly Porter, complained to school administrators.

“I had a one-on-one conversation with him that, due to his actions to sit for the pledge, I would no longer take him in my car,” Ziebarth said. “All I told him is that, based on his actions, he has a choice with his actions. I was exercising my right to make a choice as well.”

“I told him I stand to honor the sacrifice and bravery of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It doesn’t mean America is perfect, or that we agree with everything that’s going on,” Ziebarth told the Chicago Tribune, adding that his grandfather and uncle served in the Armed Forces.

“We had an understanding. He was making a choice, and I was making a choice. His name never appeared on my sign-up sheet again, so I thought it was over,” he said.

Ziebarth contends the two “joked” about the situation, but “Shemar was absolutely pushing the issue.”

And it wasn’t the first time the sophomore’s defiance caused a rift with his teachers.

In September, Cooper got into an altercation with his Spanish teacher when he refused to stand for the pledge and proudly pronounced that “America sucks.” Porter contends she had her son apologize for the comment, but pressed school officials to take action against the Spanish teacher, who allegedly attempted to force Cooper to stand and reprimanded him in a hallway when he refused.

That teacher was sentenced to a one-day suspension over the incident, according to the Tribune.

“He does not stand because Shemar does not believe in America,” Porter told NBC Chicago. “He says America is a very racist country, there is no freedom or love for black people.”

Ziebarth said he did not hear from Cooper for two weeks before he was called into the principal’s office March 15 and fired without explanation.

“I was given no options. Had the principal told me I had to allow Shemar in my car, I would have,” he said.

Ziebarth contends he was treated unfairly considering his colleague was only suspended for a day for the same issue.

“The punishment does not fit the crime,” he said.

Porter alleges her son’s Spanish teacher should have been fired, as well, and Ziebarth should have learned from the mistake.

“Did he not learn from the incident that occurred in September? Why did he think he’s invincible, that he can harass my son? He got what he deserved,” Porter told CBS Chicago. “You know, they had to go through this humiliation, being embarrassed, being put on the news. The teachers should have learned their lessons then, you know? Don’t violate children’s rights.”

Porter is now complaining that other students are harassing her son.

“One of the kids actually stood up in the classroom and yelled at Shemar ‘You got Mr. Z fired!’ and he and my son got into a big argument,” she said. “So I’m just hoping it doesn’t escalate any further.”

Students at the school, meanwhile, are hoping to “Get Mr. Z back at Ike,” according to a Change.org petition that’s garnered more than 750 signatures since it was posted last week.

“Mr. Z is an amazing teacher and should be respected enough to where the students should know to at least stand for the pledge, like it’s less than a minute of standing,” Louis Gamboa posted in the petition comments. “He didn’t deserve to be fired, he’s the best driver’s ed teacher out of them all.”

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    As usual the baboon’s daddy gets no mention. Probably because the adult male baboon is doing 15 to 20 for a drug deal gone wrong murder. Heck, if the Commie Kenyan had a son he’d look and act just like Shemar.

  2. dekare says:

    So tel me how I am supposed to embrace myfellow black peoples and not become a racist. How is it called stereotyping when so often, the pre-conceived notion I have of blacks are true. We have roughly 6% of the population committing damn near 2/3’s of all violent crime, yet racial profiling is bad. How are we supposed to ignore the BIGGEST CLUE as to who did something wrong. Cops are not allowed to racial profile despite the fact that statistics tells him the black guy did it.

    If a violent crime involving drugs and murder has been committed, and there are 100 people lined up in front of me, and I have to try and figure out who did it, I am not allowed to first look at and examine the only 6 that are dark skinned males. I must first equally investigate the little old ladies, the mormon pastor, the asian engineer, and the white guy. despite the fact that the cosmic universe has told me that I have a better than 50/50 chance that one of the 6 black guys in line did the deed, I am not allowed to go directly to them and check them out. Nope, we have to fight millenia of ingrained instinct just so we don’t get accuse of being someone who blames the most likely candidate. WTF?!!!

    I am well past the point of caring what labels are placed on me. The fact is, blacks are horrible people when you look at the statistics. There is something mentally screwed up with these people….I mean it. They blame something that never happened to them, and that happened over 150 years ago, as the reason they cannot act civilized. Yet, we have jews that were almost wiped off the face of the earth, and more recently mind you, yet they seem to do okay. They seem to be dominating in the fields of law and medicine…whereas, my dark brethren only excel in street pharmiceuticals and street justice illegally. And when you think about it, who had it worse? The blacks were treated as valuable, being sold at high prices, and were told to get stronger and breed and have lots of children, whereas, the jews were told NOT to breed, were not valued, and were simply rounded up and destroyed like vermin. While both the black and the jew were in a shit situation in history, I will take working outside picking cotton and banging bitches over Auschwitz any day. During slavery, blacks multiplied, during the holocaust jews were almost exterminated. But you rarely see jews killing other jews in the streets over a pair of air goldbergs sneakers, nor do you see them buying gefilter fish with an EBT card.

    And lets not forget the asians, who replaced the black as a substitute for slaves in America after the Civil War. They built the damn railroads and were paid spit and treated worse than a case of gonorrhea…yet today, the dominate in math and science.

    The fact is, EVERYONE has suffered and been on the shit end of a history if you go back far enough. So why to black refuse to admit one, they have a problem, and that it is not whitey, and two, do something to improve their lot in life? Whites can only listen for so often how we are evil bastards. Okay, I get it, certain whites 5 or so generations ago were complete asswads. But that was not me, and having traced my roots, was not my great great great great great great grandfather, as he was somewhere in some small German town eaking out a living on a farm. He owned no slaves, he sold no slaves, and he more than likely hadn’t even seen one. So how the hell am I the problem. We are told not to blame blacks for something based on the color of their skin, so don’t fricking blame me for the color of mine. Your black skin doesn’t mean you robbed the bank, just as my white skin doesn’t mean I am a racist. Although statistically, the black guy had a much greater chance of being the violent criminal than me. Hell, if life were a game of clue, the end game would almost always be Professor Charcoal-Monkey-Lips, with the sideways pistol, in da house. How unfun would that be?

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    I heard that good old Honest Abe Lincoln, are beloved president at one time, had plans to round up the once enslaved darkies, and ship them off to parts around the world like Monrovia, where they would set up towns of freed slaves, where they could live out their lives and build future great cities. He was going to do this, as even he, the man that fought to free the slaves, knew that there would be no living with them. Lincoln knew that blacks would so resent whites, that nothing would ever heal that wound. Nothing would smooth over the feelings of anger the black man could hold…the contempt would be so great, that it was just plain better to separate the races, not just by railroad tracks, but by oceans. Sadly, some asshole shot that man before he could implement a program that would have one day given us a reprieve from the likes of al $harptongue and je$$e jacka$$.

    Our country is harshly divided. And much of that was because a certain homosexual muslim mulatto communist riled black people up to the point that facts and reason no longer meant anything. That somehow black thugs matter more than honest white people. That all lives matter is hateful, and that our American flag and our Founding Fathers represent nothing but hate, anger and racism.

    A world where we can not judge a black criminals with a police record a mile long who intentionally made himself look like the thugs that they are, but we can say proof positive that anyone who uses a recently made up code word for racism is a bigot, has always been a bigot, and will always be a bigot. We know this because race agitators, the NAACP and the ACLU say so. And we all know they have no reason to lie.

  3. Eskyman says:

    @dekare- hear, hear! Excellent rant! Great points all, and you nailed them!

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