She shoots at cops.

Cop runs her ass over.

She’s worm food.

A woman wanted over a gun-related crime spree was run over and killed by police after opening fire on officers during a high-speed chase.

Madison Sueann Dickson, 21, died in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday after an officer deliberately hit her with his patrol car to stop her shooting at police.

The officer who struck her, Jonathan Grafton, has been put on paid leave while an investigation is carried out.

Dickson was wanted by police over four gun-related incidents in Tulsa during the past week, including shooting a man in the head.

Officers spotted her on Saturday at an apartment complex before she got into a pickup truck and fled with the driver.

She eventually jumped out of the truck and started firing at the officers when Grafton hit her with his vehicle.

Authorities said they had desperately tried to stop Dickson because of the threat she was posing.

‘She had every opportunity to stop and turn herself in,’ police spokesperson Leland Ashley told the Tulsa World.

Police said no one was struck by any bullets and Dickson died when she hit her head on the ground.

The female driver of the truck was questioned and released.

Dickson had been accused of shooting a man in the head on Thursday night and causing him to crash his car. The man is in a critical condition in hospital.

She had also earlier shot a woman in the arm at a Walgreens store and fired her gun during a robbery at a Best Buy.

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