Woman sees homeless guy on same corner for three years.

Finally stops and talks to him.

Turns out he has mental issues and was waiting for his mother.

Woman helps him find mother.


Mother abandons him and then, all of a sudden, takes him back? And those thousands of dollars that came with him were not a factor?

I smell a rat.

Most people pass by the homeless every day without thinking about who they are, where they’re from or how they ended up on the streets.

But Ginger Sprouse of Webster, Texas passed by a homeless man on the same corner every day for three years and constantly wondered who he was and why he was stuck in that spot.

So she pulled up next to him one day and asked him for his story, which broke her heart and made her take action to help a fellow human being.

His name is Victor Hubbard, a 32-year-old man suffering with severe mental illness who was waiting for his mother to return to the street corner she’d abandoned him on three years earlier.

Victor’s story touched Ginger and spurred her into action, so she raised nearly $17k for him through GoFundMe, gave him a job at her cooking school Art of the Meal and helped Victor reunite with his uncle and mother.

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