Conservative sites were elated to read this piece from Yahoo News about how Starbucks’ brand perception plummeted.

At first I thought, “hmmm, that could be good news” but somehow did not think it worthy to post about.

Something was missing and in my head I was yelling, “bullshit.”

Over a week’s period almost every site I read had the story with commenters giddy about Starbucks getting its due.

Then I checked the one thing that truly matters: stock price.

That’s when I learned “conservatives” and “republicans” are not serious when they say they’ll stop buying something.

When word first came out Starbucks’ stock price was right around $56. It then fell to around $54 a few days later.

Last Friday?

It was $57.48. Hardly a plummet in price, eh, meaning “perception” is not reality.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Republicans are not serious about doing the correct thing. Most Republican voters are too busy working to raise a family and pay a mortgage. All Republican Politicians (Trump may be “Republican” by title, but he’s not a politician) are too busy trying to scheme how they can suck lobbyist’s dicks while conning their constituents. In the meantime the unwashed jobless douchebags being funded by George Soros are wreaking havoc and the Democrat Politicians are going about their work in destroying Trump.

    I’m calling a “Were DOOMED”!

  2. Hipsterbucks is a brand that appeals mainly to those left of center. Most conservatives
    do not purchase the foo-foo faggot coffee!

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