Student records professor injecting personal politics into class discussion.

Records him.

Gets suspended.

The school is deamnding an apology.

He ought to sue them into bankruptcy.

A commenter suggested a good letter to write:

Dear School,

I understand your policy against recording people on campus without their permission, so here is my apology letter. I’m sorry you’re a bunch of fascists that love to be able to spout their nonsense without repercussion. I’m sorry I violated the sanctity of your bubble. I’m sorry you were offended at my thought that a sex ed teacher venturing into political hate speech was not okay. I’m sorry I gave you money. I’m sorry I allowed this to go on as long as it has. I’m sorry you’re incapable of making judgment calls in cases such as this. I’m sorry that you need to resort to the letter of the law in order to justify your lack of rational thought. I’m sorry your teacher is a twat. I’m sorry your interim dean of students is a brainwashed stooge. I’m sorry that I’m more mature, more intelligent, and far more open-minded than your oh-so-inclusive school is. I’m sorry for pointing out all these faults. But mostly I’m sorry I thought leftists capable of not being fascist speech silencers. I’ve learned my lesson. I know better now. Thank you.


The Student That Saw Through Your Indoctrination BS

A far left professor at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California lectured her captive classroom audience on her disappointment with the presidential election a month ago.

Orange Coast College psychology professor Olga Perez Stable Cox called Donald Trump’s landslide victory an “act of terrorism.” She added that Mike Pence was one of the most anti-gay individuals in the country.

Olga Perez Stable Cox teaches sex education.

The video was secretly taped during class.

This is the sort of filth American kids are subjected to on a routine basis.

Now this…

The student who filmed the video was suspended from school and must write a letter of apology to professor Stable Cox before they will let him back in class.

The OC Register reported:

An Orange Coast College student who secretly videotaped his instructor making anti-Trump statements was suspended from school and told to write a letter of apology as well as a three-page essay about the incident.

Caleb O’Neil filed an appeal Wednesday and spoke publicly at a news conference

The college suspended Caleb O’Neil for the current semester and the summer term, saying he violated a Coast Community College District policy prohibiting recording someone on district property without that person’s consent.

“It is my hope that this experience will lead you to truly think through your actions and the consequences of those actions when making decisions in the future,” Victoria Lugo, interim dean of students, wrote in a Feb. 9 letter to O’Neil, whose video clips of instructor Olga Perez Stable Cox in December went viral.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    What really needs to happen is a 100.9 on the Richter scale quake to drive the entire left-coast into the pacific.

  2. Eskyman says:

    No, CA still has some of the best beaches in the world! And some fine mountains, too.

    I still remember when in High School I went with a group up to a permanent glacier, not far from L.A. for a long weekend- learned how to use an ice ax, rapelling, built an ice cave to sleep in (hint: make it only big enough to fit in, the larger it is the colder you’ll be) and had a great time running down acres of snow at a steep angle & jumping off snowy cliffs… it was great, but I froze my butt off… then finished off the weekend by going to the beach, where I got the cold baked out of me in the hot sun while ogling pretty girls wearing virtually nothing. Not many places in the world you can do that!

    What CA needs is a neutron bomb that’s set to only wipe out Liberals, illegals and other undesirables. The real estate (at least until the Big One!) is just too nice to leave to the feral Lefties!

  3. dekare says:

    I’m with bogsidebunny here. And after that earthquake happens, Arizona and Nevada will have some of the best beaches in the world.

    We’re no losing the beaches, just a bunch of liberals, illegals, and hollywood. I’m good with that.

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