Supposedly it’s about an armless man who got fired for continuing to ride his bike where it was not permitted.

On that score the company’s fucked.

But the story says he’s a typist.

With no arms?

A man born without arms is suing his former employer, claiming they fired him because he couldn’t carry his bike up the stairs.

Michael Trimble was born in Chernobyl, Ukraine, in 1987, one year after the nuclear power plant explosion sent radioactive smoke over Eastern Europe, causing a spike in birth defects.

He required minor accommodations from his employer in his job, his attorney said to the Washington Post.

But the bike that he used to get to work was causing problems.

His employers wanted him to stop bringing it through the front door – which meant going up a flight of stairs.

While Trimble can carry the specially made bike on his shoulder, it takes a lot of effort and he can’t do so for more than a few feet.

So to carry the bike up the stairs would be a significant task.

The civil complaint says it would ‘require Michael Trimble to manually open the back door, to go through a smoking section, and to carry the bicycle up and down a flight of stairs, which is impossible for him to do as he does not have arms.’

Trimble initially objected to the request, but a supervisor offered no alternatives.

A woman who worked at the temp agency Elwood Staffing talked to Kroger, and the requirement that he carry the bike up stairs was waived.

But instead they asked him to stop biking across a pavilion even though he was unable to push it across, the Post reported.

The lawsuit says that Trimble explained to his employers that he could not do that as he does not have arms, but he was told that Kroger’s decision was final.

According to court documents, his employer asked how he could be trusted to deal with the more complicated requirements of his job if he could not comply with these minor tasks.

His job, however, required that he answer customer and employee phone calls at Kroger, and a month after starting at it, he received a 100 per cent on one audit, and a 98 per cent on another, and they were both ‘glowing in praise of his performance’.

He is suing the Kroger supermarket chain and Elwood Staffing Services, the temp agency that placed him at the corporate offices in southeast Portland, reported the Post.

His claims are that their discrimination and retaliation violated the American With Disabilities Act, resulting in his wrongful firing.

‘It looked to me like someone at Kroger got in their head that he needed to do this specific thing with his bike, and nothing else but doing that exact thing was going to satisfy them,’ according to Trimble’s attorney Daniel Snyder.

The American With Disabilities Act requires ‘a non-adversarial meeting between the employer and the employee, it’s not supposed to be an adversarial, off-with-your-head type of conversation’ Snyder told the Post.

In a statement, Kroger spokesman Keith Dailey told the Post: ‘The Kroger family of stores has a long history of hiring and accommodating people with disabilities.

‘While we can’t comment on pending litigation, our company values include safety, inclusion, and respect and we strive to live up to those values every day’.

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  1. bobf says:

    Thing in the article we hear his side of the story but not the employers. There must be a reason for their requirements but we’re not hearing it. I think the guy is out for money. The fact he’s suing the temp agency which got him the job in the first place tells me that.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Suing & no arms? A good ambulance chaser might get him some settlement.
    If he were totally limbless he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

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