Girl screams upon opening present from mother thinking it was a dildo.

The question you have to ask yourselves is this: “how did this become a story? Who called the paper?”

And why was she being watched by thirty people as she opened it.

This is nothing more than a “created story.”

A teenager said she was left horrified after she mistakenly thought her mother had bought her a sex toy for Christmas.

Shelby Donovan, 18, from New Orleans, was so shocked when she unwrapped the gift – which was in fact a yeti-themed cup holder – that she screamed.

Her mother Kerri Roberts claims that she did not notice the holder’s risque appearance when she bought it online but Twitter users have supported Shelby’s initial interpretation.

Shelby shared images of the pink contraption online, writing: ‘My mom handed me a gift so I opened it and screamed really loud because I thought she got me a dildo but it’s really just a yeti cup holder [sic].’

Her outraged Christmas Eve tweet has been shared more than 80,000 times and liked by nearly 200,000 users.

At first, she said she ‘stared’ at the pink ribbed accessory in a bid to work out what it was while she was watched by about 30 people.

‘I knew what I thought it looked like but I didn’t want to say in front of my entire family. I started laughing but also kind of crying,’ she told BuzzFeed News.

Kerri said the gift was entirely innocent and claims she came across the gift on Amazon during her search for a ‘sturdy thick cup holder’.

But the accident became the hot topic of the evening. Shelby said that even her grandmother weighed in on the jokes, commenting: ‘Business in the morning, fun at night.’

Pictures of the cup have attracted interest from around the world.

It caught the attention of a Twitter user purporting to be a professional sex toy designer who declared: ‘That is definitely a dildo.’

But Funkit Kenton warned: ‘It’d need regular cleaning in the crevices, but if the seam isn’t sharp it’s a good pervertable with a decent G-spot curve [sic].’

Another person added: ‘Anything can be a dildo if u brave enough.’

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  1. bobf says:

    Yup, who called the media? I always wonder that when I see these GI’s come home to surprise their families. Who and why called the news media.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    If that is one of cock rings with a rectum wrecker, it must belong to the Jolly Green Giant!

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