According to the oh-so-thin-skinned blacks and wanna-be black liberals who have nothing else to complain about.

Even if they accurately portray demographics.

Who knows? Maybe the ground apes were unhappy it unfairly represented them. After all they commit what, 4 to 5 times more crimes than white on a proportional basis?

North Carolina’s Guilford County Sheriff’s Department has a new way of preparing for different gun-related scenarios. The department just received a new gun simulator to replace an older, 1980s version.

The simulator comes with 700 pre-recorded scenarios for deputies to work through. Each scenario plays on a projector screen. The deputy has to use a gun with a laser to shoot.

“Because if you can prepare people on what can happen and what may happen, it’ll give them a better response,” Sergeant Larry Grittion said.

Guilford County Sheriff’s Department has also opened up the simulator to first time gun owners and those who are undergoing training requirements to obtain their concealed carry permit.

The decision for the simulator was made in April. The Guilford County Board of Commissioners voted 7-2 to purchase the training device for the Guilford County Sheriff.

Initially, the simulator received criticism from those concerned about racial implications. Although the scenarios depict people of different ethnic backgrounds, deputies say the person’s skin color doesn’t matter.[…]

According to a breakdown provided to commissioners back in April, the simulator depicts an attacker as being:

Caucasian 60 percent of the time.
African American 15 percent of the time.
Hispanic 15 percent of the time.
Asian five percent of the time.
Middle Eastern five percent of the time.

A total of $51,850 in federal forfeiture funds was spent on the simulator.

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  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Back in 1980-81, I used to spend a shit-load of time and money at an informal
    shooting range in San Berdoo country. I often wondered why (Even back then)
    that the pre-printed silhouette targets did not feature Afros. I do not have a
    racist bone in my body, but I was fully aware that 80+ percent of the crime
    in Los Angeles was committed by blacks and Hispanics.

    I lived just South of Torrance. At that time their police department was in
    Dutch for referring to black subjects and suspects as “Male Usuals.” There
    was so much traffic between South Central and this sleepy suburb, they
    also referred to Harbor Freeway as the “Nairobi Freeway.. The pattern
    was hit the freeway going South, and rob a liquor store or restaurant
    near the freeway, then head for home by going North on the Nairobi!

    The numbers listed above only prove that whoever designed the sim-
    ulator was scared shitless about offending minorities. If anything,
    blacks are Hispanics should be in 80+ percent of the scenarios
    as perpetrators!

  2. “Nairobi Freeway.” I LOVE IT! I know someone who currently lives in Torrance, and I will ask him if that term is still used….!
    This reminded me of a joke going around when I was growing up in Michigan, about the so-called ‘Twin Cities’ of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Harlem, separated by the St. Joseph River. Simply put: “The longest bridge in the world runs from St. Joe to Africa!”

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