Is It Just Me?

Or is this woman demented?

A Canadian bride did not let her wedding get in the way of motherhood when her 9-month-old daughter began crying during the ceremony. Instead, Christina Torino-Benton lowered her wedding dress to breastfeed daughter Gemma, and a photo of the moment has since gone viral.

Stupid Bride

I know there are a lot of wackjob feminazis that think breast feeding anytime, any where, with anybody around is what they’ll do regardless of who it might offend. God gave them boobs, so they feel the need to show some rugrat suckling on them wherever them desire. No doubt this woman fits the mold, especially with a hyphenated two part last name. I bet her new husband doesn’t even have any testicles.

I think these kind of women have a screw loose. But at your wedding? In front of all the guests? I’m thinking somebody needs to give this woman a breast pump as a wedding present. Or better yet, maybe a chastity belt.

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3 Responses to Is It Just Me?

  1. bobf says:

    I was once visiting a neighbor when his wife decided to breastfeed their baby right there in the living room. She took off her top and sat bare chested and picked up the kid. I didn’t mind it one bit as she had nice tits.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    In my humble opinion little offspring turds shouldn’t be a factor until at least 9 months after the marital vows between a Man & Woman!

  3. grayjohn says:

    Fucking wrong on so many levels.

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