It’s a local story of a stupid Darwinian candidate incapable of not only determining tide tables but reading English.

So what do people want done?

More signs, better fences. More police presence.

Sorry, Darwin needs to thin the herd and if these morons insist on tempting him, then they need to pay the price.

Hernando County Sheriff’s Deputies said a teenager died after he jumped off a bridge that is known in that area for that type of unsafe behavior.

Deputies said they can cite people who are trying to jump off the bridge. There are signs posted, warning people they cannot jump. The bridge is located near Rogers Park. The bridge has a fence next to it as well, which serves to try to prevent children from jumping into the river. Authorities said they respond to the location repeatedly because people are violating the warning signs.

According to the sheriff’s office, they actively patrol the bridge. On Monday, they said, a 16-year-old teen jumped head first into the river. They said he was unconscious and was swept about 100 feet away from the bridge.

“The neighbor across the river basically was hollering, ‘Hey, is that kid swimming,'” said Greg Geeraerts.

Geeraerts and other neighbors tried to help the 16-year-old boy.

“Me and another neighbor and my brother-in-law grabbed him up and started bringing him up back to my yard,” Geeraerts said.

Multiple people tried to perform CPR, including Nancy Sampson. Nancy Sampson is a nurse, who was off duty, and nearby.

“It was very traumatic to know that that was a 16-year-old who, you know, that life has gone out of him now,” Nancy Sampson said.

People who live by the river said they have seen too many kids jumping off the bridge. They said it’s too dangerous.

“It’s sad because it’s an ongoing thing around here that these kids are jumping off this bridge, and they don’t understand there’s sand stones underneath and there’s no soft bottom,” Ron Sampson said.

During high tide, authorities said, the river underneath the bridge is anywhere between 8 to 10 feet deep.

“The police are out here every day. They do the best they can, but there’s always that one that slips by… Today was that one,” Nancy Sampson said.

People who live in the area would like to see more done to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again.

“Put a high voltage wire sign or something to keep them off the fence, to keep them from jumping. That’s a long jump to a shallow grave,” Ron Sampson said.

Authorities called today’s incident a tragic accident. They continue to investigate.

ABC Action News spoke over the phone with the aunt of the young man who was killed. She said her nephew was playing with his cousin in the water, a beach ball got away, and he was swept away.

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