Robber takes gun to scene of crime, takes it out, pulls the trigger, and …..nothing.

Immediately takes two shots from victim.

Found dead some distance away.

He’d used .380 ammo in a .38 pistol.

I’m taking bets he never finished school and is a ground ape.

Expect the family to come out with a litany of “he Dindu Nuffin!!”

An Ohio criminal made the mistake of robbing a bank that had an armed, off-duty police officer inside — and loaded his gun with the wrong kind of ammunition.

The now-deceased 20-year-old Terry Frost III timed his robbery perfectly Wednesday, and knew the exact moment the teller withdrew $90,000 from the ATM. Police have now released surveillance footage of the shooting.

Frost sprinted into a Madison, Ohio bank and within seconds jumped the front desk, grabbed the bag, and then found himself on the receiving end of Officer Kevin Hankerson’s weapon.

Frost pointed his weapon, wrapped in a plastic shopping bag, at the officer and it misfired. Hankerson fired twice, hitting Frost once in the chest. The hapless criminal loaded the wrong ammo, investigators found, when they finally tracked down Frost, dead in a nearby wooded area, reports.

Investigators are still puzzled as to how Frost knew the exact moment when the teller would have $90,000 sitting out for him to snatch. They said it was very likely Frost tried to fire his .38 caliber Derringer during the robbery, because when they examined the weapon, they saw the firing pin had been struck. Frost had loaded .380 ammunition into the weapon.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters said Friday the shooting was justified and the officer will not be brought before a grand jury.

“It was as clean a police-involved shooting as I’ve ever seen,” Deters said at a press conference.

“Officer Hankerson committed a great act of bravery in his actions and he should be commended for what he did,” he added.

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  1. bobf says:

    Good news to start a Monday.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Poor guy, it is so hard to keep this straight; .380 auto vs .38 ACP vs 9mm Largo
    or Bergman Bayard, it is so hard decide which to use. Here is a clue you late
    unlamented moron: The last three are nearly dimensionaly identical, while a
    .380 is a lot smaller than a .38 ACP. You could shoot all of the other three in
    an Astra Mo. 400, but not a .380 or 9mm Parabellum.

    I suppose it is too much to ask of inner city criminals to learn how to read the markings
    on the weapon!

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