Woman loses daughter to Paris Islamic bombing and then spreads the daughter’s message of “tolerance” for the camel-fornicators gets taken out in Brussels bombing.

The mother of the New York siblings killed in last Tuesday’s terrorist attack at the Brussels airport took to Facebook to share an message her daughter Sascha wrote in the wake of November’s Paris terror attacks about ISIS – the terrorist organization ultimately responsible for her death.

“During this time of grief and outrage, I want to share this message of tolerance from our dear daughter, Sascha, written by her following the Paris attacks last November,” the mother, Marjan Pinczowski-Fasbender wrote.

The message, dated Nov. 16 and written by Sascha Pinczowski, 31, read: “Ignorant spreading of anti-Muslim sentiment and propaganda does nothing but benefit ISIS.

“ISIS recruiters find some young kid who’s struggling to find their place in the world and say, ‘Hey kid, these people don’t want you. They won’t tolerate you and what you believe in. Just watch and you’ll see.'”

She adds, “Next thing there’s a terrorist attack and the public erupts in anti-Muslim rage. Threatening Muslims and demonizing them at every opportunity.”

Sascha, along with her brother Alexander, 29, were talking on the phone to their mother as they prepared to fly back to New York when the call dropped when the first airport explosion went off.

Sascha and Alexander’s friends and family spent days searching for them and were left reeling after learning they had been killed.

“We are trying our best to get through this,” Mark Lewis, Alexander’s good friend, told PEOPLE on Friday. “It feels like a dagger in the heart.”

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Belgium attack victim had warned against demonizing Muslims. We mustn’t “demonize”. That’ll make them angry. (A great example of my 80% decree). Like softly stroking a cobra’s head will somehow make it passive and insure it not sinking its fangs into your arm…..What a fucking Asshole!

    How’d your pathetic pandering to the Islamic Caliphate army work out for you Ms. Marjan Pinczowski-Fasbender, you idiot, naïve Liberal asshole?

  2. bobf says:

    So much for tolerance.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    I would call this a full blown Schadenboner! Ever since St. Pancake, the idea
    that these stupid twits were radicalized by their pinko parents is reinforced.
    Ideology blinds these parents to the point they are oblivious to the fact
    they caused the death of their precious darlings!

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