Super Tuesday is tomorrow.

How about telling us who you think will win.

NOT who you want to win.

Use this for better breakdowns.

Breakdown the winners by place.

I predict Trump will trounce Rubio and Cruz (no sense even thinking about the other.)

He might even take Texas and if he does Cruz is finished and possibly a VP.

Truth bew known, I want Cruz to win but I don’t think our electorate casn figure out what he’s up to.

If he wins he still has to defeat the Hildebeast.

If he beats her I suspect we’ll not be much better off.

I hope like hewll I am wrong but my “spidey sense” is tingling like mad.

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5 Responses to MAKE YOUR BETS NOW

  1. bobf says:

    I think Trump will come out on top tomorrow.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    I believe Trump is gonna dominate tomorrow and I’ll celebrate. Maybe not by as much as some polls are indicating, and Texas may go to Cruz but he’ll definitely will take home the bacon the other states.

    Mr. Trump is not a Member of the Washington D.C. Beltway political Club and that’s why the Rinos hate him. I think in reality both Rubio & Cruz are members despite the fact they push their faux Conservative personas. I don’t want a politician despite their party affiliations. I loath politicians and I do not discriminate!

  3. Eskyman says:

    Trump by a landslide. Rubio shouldn’t even be running, he’s a punk. Don’t think Cruz has much of a chance, but I do like his rhetoric; Cruz and Rubio are both ineligible due to the fact that neither is a Natural Born Citizen… but so much of our Constitution has been misinterpreted to mean something other than what it says, maybe that doesn’t matter anymore. YMMV.

    Go Trump!

  4. opaquelypellucid says:

    Here’s my take: Rubio & Cruz will keep getting the Beltway Club support of the big money heavy hitters and stay in the race in an attempt to set up a brokered convention by hoping that Trump doesn’t get enough delegates to go over 50%. Then, whatever ever delegates Kasich has, he’ll give them to trump so he can go over 50% and then Trump will name Kasich as his running mate.
    Yup, that’s what’s going to happen …

  5. drew458 says:

    yup, trump to win, cruz to place, rubio to show. nobody else will get more than 2%.

    I read Ann’s column on why Cruz isn’t Natural Born. Seeing that he’s <10 years younger than Obama and has a similar situation, the hair is split based on his mother's age. Under the law at the time Obama-momma, 18, hadn't been an adult citizen long enough to confer Natural-ness. Cruz's mother was born here, and 35 when they moved to Canada in 1969. So she passes the "10 years" and the "5 years past 14", in 1970, of the law in place in 1963. And who knows if that citizenship law was still the same those 7 years later? At some point all that stuff got torn out, and today the law is different. So Ann is wrong. Sorry Ann.

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