Rich White Lives Matter

I’m not much of a football fan, but I have a son who lives and dies for NFL football, so he is always telling me everything I may or may not want to know about football. Since we live in Colorado, he was more than ecstatic that the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl, and especially that their quarterback, Peyton Manning, was able to win.

Shortly after the game, the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers, Cam Newton, disgraced himself by pouting like a 10 year old after losing the game. Manning had offered him words of encouragement as they shook hands after the game. Nonetheless, Newton had to eat some humble pie. A bite from the same pie, I might add, that Manning ate from when he lost the Super Bowl to the Seattle Seahawks.

Fast forward a few days and if you have read any of the post Super Bowl news, you find that there are many negative articles being written about Peyton Manning. Apparently, as a privileged rich white man and athletic hero to many, it just isn’t in the best interests of our society to have a successful white guy doing positive things. So, the press has decided to take him down a notch or two.

William Anderson writes an excellent article debunking the bad press Manning has been receiving. The article Anderson writes has links to the bad press if you care to understand the situation. For a non-football fanatic, I found it to be quite interesting.

I don’t really care about the football aspect of any of this. Sure “My” team won and the team of the people of North Carolina lost, but that’s irrelevant. What pisses me off more than ever is that a black guy (Cam Newton) can act like a total narcissistic asshole (sound familiar) and if he’s criticized for his immaturity, the politically correct community goes apeshit. Then, Peyton Manning (a rich white guy) starts paying the price for the hero black guy losing and acting like an asshole.

The whole thing is a perfect example of political correctness going totally wrong.

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