This guy found it wide open.

More pics here.

costa concordia
Taking a cruise is supposed to be a memorable experience, leaving the guests feeling like they got their money’s worth as they floated along having fun and dancing their cares away.

However, those who were aboard the Costa Concordia in January, 2012 had no idea they were embarking on a nightmarish journey that would end with 32 lives lost when the Concordia wrecked off the coast of Isola del Giglio in Italy.

The wreckage was left to rot in Genoa, and incredibly German photographer Jonathan Danko Kielkowski found it unguarded and totally open for exploration when he arrived to snap some pics for his book Concordia:

“Against all odds, I find the shipwreck freely accessible – neither fences nor security personnel. Rather, the doors are open, lights are turned on, no man can be seen”.

Although the tragedy has forever marred the ship’s reputation, at least we have Jonathan’s photos to remind us how regal and beautiful the inside of the Costa Concordia once was.

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