Colorado “Conservative” Senator Says Trump Hurts Republicans

I live in Colorado, so I get to vote (or not) for Cory Gardner. He’s one of the few politicians I’ve met, spoken with, and even supported. That was when I was a Republican. At one of the Republican caucuses I attended, he sat down and spoke with me for at least 15-20 minutes. One on one, no crowd, just he and I. He’s more conservative than some Republicans, but he’s starting to lean in a direction in which I’m not real comfortable.

Interviewed by Charlie Rose on PBS, Gardner explained,

“Anytime you present a message that is seen as hate,” said Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, “you’re going to have a negative impact.”

I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video of the interview, so you’ll have to go to the above link.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big time Trump fan. I like the guy, but I’m not ready to proclaim him the Messiah of America. I like Ted Cruz better than Trump, but I don’t dislike Trump. I’m just not comfortable with an ex-Democrat. That said, Trump knows how to get a message across. He knows that the majority of the public like hearing the truth, not some PC bullshit that 99% of the other politicians banter about.

I don’t hate Muslims. I don’t. I won’t even begin to deny I hate Islam. That’s a given. It’s anti-Christ, it’s anti-western, and it’s anti-everything that isn’t Islam. Islam itself is all about death and destruction of all things not Islam. Anyone who supports that is not my friend. Trump may talk tough about Islam and jihad, but he doesn’t lie about it. If the truth ends up looking like hate, so be it.

If you’re a Republican and can’t grasp the simple truths that we need to do something about Islam before our culture is destroyed, you aren’t my friend either. Cory Gardner won’t be getting my support in the future.

Excluding leftist nutballs, I believe the majority of sane people in the west are much closer to believing what Trump has to say about Islam than Cory Gardner. He doesn’t get it.

As far as I can tell a Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump ticket would garner a LOT of support from mainstream America. At the end of the day, unless the Republicans nominate some milquetoast asshole like Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, or one of those other RINO’s, I’ll vote ABH or ABD – Anybody but Hillary or Anybody but a Democrat. Hopefully it’s not some candy assed good old boy like they’ve nominated the last few times.

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  1. bobf says:

    Cory Gardner has to say that if he wants support of the GOP. If Ted Cruz stays a Senator, the GOP will unleash all its firepower to ensure he looses in the primaries in Texas and if he somehow wins, they will either support the Democrat running against him or run a third candidate as an independent to derail his reelection. Cory Gardner and other conservative congressmen know this.

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