Give this guy a million bucks and it’s yours:

A high-end gunmaker is crafting a pair of pistols from a chunk of prehistoric meteorite and plans to sell them for $1million.

Cabot Guns, based in Pittsburgh, has already made gun grips from a 77-pound meteorite and says the ‘extra-terrestrial pistols’ will go to auction in 2016.

The semi-automatic .45 caliber pistols will be made from the meteorite, which is believed to have crashed to Earth 4.5billion years ago.

The space rock, known as the Gibeon Meteor, was dug up in the 1830s in what is now Namibia.

Cabot founder Robert Bianchin told CNN Money: ‘I think it’s fair to state many of the pistols we have constructed border on art.

‘Meteor is rare, more so than terrestrial precious metals and I wanted to create a set of guns that were formed from a material that had intrinsic value.

‘We were not sure it was possible, but we have passed the critical stage of construction and we are confident these will be a fully functional set of left and right-handed mirror image pistols.’

On the gunmakers’ website, he added: ‘It’s both romantic and fascinating to imagine that this meteor traveled across the heavens for four billion years before landing on Earth and is now being transformed into Cabot pistols.’

A collector has already offered $250,000 for the guns when they are built, but estimates already suggest they will be worth $1million.

Smaller cuts from the meteor sell online for around $50 a piece.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Betcha the majority of bidders on these weapons are the Liberal, “gun-hating” assholes in Hollywood who are way overpaid for their crap acting. Am I correct Sean Penn & Liam Neeson?

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Bogside, don’t forget Matt Damoooooooooon!

    I was just thinking that if one wanted to piss off a million dollars on a pistol,
    just buy that one of a kind .45 toggle action Lugar.

  3. Call me Infidel says:

    If I had that kind of money to burn it would end up in a pair of Holland & Holland or Purdey shotguns.

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