The Perpetually Offended

Some people just can’t mind their own stinking business.   They see something in a privately owned establishment that they don’t like.  So, rather than either leave the establishment and not go back, they instead make it their mission in life to get it removed.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – 54th Street Grill is responding to complaints after a picture was posted on Facebook of a plaque a customer considered offensive.

The plaque reads “Warning! Female trespassers will be violated”, and was part of decorations on a bar at the restaurant on East 38th Terrace South.

 25-year-old Greenwood resident Ashley Smith was the customer who posted the picture on Facebook.

She says she was on a date with her husband on Sunday night when she noticed the plaque.

“I was not wanting to sit there. My husband thought it was offensive too,” she explained. “I took a picture of it. I said ‘I can’t believe I’m reading this.'”

Smith posted the picture to 54th Street’s Facebook page and as of Wednesday afternoon, the picture had around 100 comments and 200 shares.

Smith said after she posted the picture, a representative for 54th Street told her to contact them via private message.

“They basically said it was an old tongue-in-cheek joke from the 90s, when that stuff was acceptable,” said Smith. “I don’t think rape jokes were funny in the 90s.”

The restaurant says they’re going to remove the plaque but as of yet, it’s still there.   I’m hoping the regular customers voice their opinions and the plaque stays.   Those people who complained on social media have probably never set foot in the place and never would anyways although when you read their comments, they make you think they’re regulars.




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3 Responses to The Perpetually Offended

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    How come these perpetually offended assholes get their panties in a twist over a harmless sign, but you never ever their whiney outcry when the Mooslimes stone to death, rape and, as happened recently in Afghanistan, they literally tear a young woman into pieces for “supposedly” destroying a crap book?

    We’re so fucking DOOMED!

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I could not be happier about the future. These whiny ass liberals are creating
    an entire culture of people who have to run into a “Safe Zone” at the first
    sign of offense or word that hurts their precious ears. If the shit ever does
    does hit the fan, they have no skills they can use to provide for themselves,
    and since they are all anti-gun they cannot even hunt.

    These morons will be left to sit in circles, unable to make fire and watch
    themselves starve! I would say it is up to the rest of us American’s to
    bury them under an avalanche of politically incorrect words and signs.
    Dive them to the recesses of the deepest darkest closets they can
    find. What are they going to do, shoot us with Nerf Balls?

    I so fucking hate those radical Gyno-American cunts!

  3. keppler60 says:

    If they are just going to take it down, I’d like to have it. Funny as hell.

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