An Orlando, Florida, commissioner’s daughter was found dead.

She also had two sons arrested for drugs recently.


Police are investigating a possible link between the two events.

Given it involves ground-apes, all it tells me is, “who gives a shit?”

Yes, it’s cold-hearted. Yes, she’s a mother.

But given recent actions by blacks around the country going around looting, rioting, burning, killing cops, being exhorted to “fry the bacon” by fellow black activists…….well, my “give a fuck” meter can’t bother to register.

The daughter of Orlando Commissioner Regina Hill has died under mysterious circumstances.

Arvonni DeBose, 24, was taken to the hospital Friday afternoon after she was found at her home in Tallahassee need of medical assistance, and passed away later that day.

The tragedy comes a little over a month after Hill’s two sons – Rakeem Hill, 27, and Omari Nembhard, 26 – were arrested in a raid on her home in Orange County in which police found methamphetamine, cannabis and cocaine.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that police are referring to the incident as an ‘unattended death,’ meaning DeBose was healthy before she passed away.

They are now interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence in an attempt to find out what happened to the young woman.

An autopsy is also being conducted by the medical examiner.

Hill wrote on Facebook after the tragedy; ‘It is finish. God you gave me my beautiful baby girl for 24 years. Vonni you bought me such Joy.

‘Now your a Angel in heaven. Your Mommy will Love you forevermore. The grave can’t separate our love! Pray for my family during our loss.’

Her executive aide Justin Felton also released a statement in which he said; ‘Commissioner Regina Hill would like to thank all those who have sent their prayers and condolences to her family. She asks that during their time of grieving that her and her family be respectfully undisturbed.

‘Again, she thanks Mayor Buddy Dyer, the City Council and the entire Orlando community for their heart-felt concerns. She asks that everyone remain prayerful as the family prepares for her daughter’s home-going services.’

Hill was elected to office in May 2014 and has had a difficult year dealing with the arrest of her two sons.

The two were found with 60 grams of meth, 37 grams of cocaine and 152 grams of marijuana as well as two semi-automatic firearms – one of which was stolen.

They were charged with trafficking and both pleaded not guilty.

Hill – who was not home at the time and denied any involvement – is not facing any charges.

Nembhard’s 5-year-old daughter was also at the home during the raid, which came after authorities spent two months monitoring the house.

The two men are not out of jail as they await trial.

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6 Responses to FILE UNDER: “WHO GIVES A SHIT?”

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Three children, each with a different last name. I wonder if she is still
    collect her welfare payments while she is in a public office?

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    You wonder, Leonard?

    Does a bear shit in the boondocks?

    Ok, I admit some bears take a dump in people’s swimming pools!

  3. drjim says:

    my meter isn’t even quivering!

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Ya know those Knee-grows are really powerful.

    It took the full force of the natural activity of a volcano to erase Mount Saint Helens in Washington State ( which, for you “low-information voters” is known as Lawetlat’la to the indigenous Cowlitz people, and Loowit to the Klickitat people).

    But the Magic Negro Emperor erased Mount McKinley (known as Denali by the Athabaskan people….a tribe of welfare dependent Alaskan injuns) merely by an executive order.

    He certainly has some powerful Mojo!

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    Nobody ever said Oblowme was not tribal. I think that IS the problem!

  6. grayjohn says:

    Black lives matter soooooooo much. To everyone but blacks.

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