You have to wonder that given the Obongo Regime is going to investigate that lion killing.

Yeah! We’re going to see our taxpayer dollars wasted as fish and wildlife personnel go on a boondoggle to Zimbabwe to “investigate.”

It’s apparent Obongo is more interested in the fate of one animal than the lives of unborn babies being killed and sold as “scrap body parts.” The Regime goes so far as to publicly support Planned Parenthood’s assertion that the people who filmed Planned Parenthood personnel admitting to chopping up baby parts are “terrorists.”

It appears the only sanity seems to be coming from, of all places, Zimbabwe.

Of all places, Zimbabwe?

I heard it on a Wall St Journal news segment on the radio and had to look it up. It’s true.

The Zimbabwean government had no idea what the big hubbub was.

Sanity prevails in this instance because the people of Zimbabwe understand a lion is a lion is a lion.

It’s just a fucking lion. They kill them. They eat them. What’s the big deal?

While the death of a protected lion in Zimbabwe has caused outrage in the United States — much of it centered on the Minnesota dentist who killed the animal — most in Zimbabwe expressed a degree of bafflement over the concern.

The discovery that Cecil, the star of Zimbabwe national park had been lured out and killed by American bow hunter Walter James Palmer has resulted in online anger and protests at his dental clinic.

Outside Zimbabwe’s environmental and activist circles, however, the reaction been muted.

“It’s so cruel, but I don’t understand the whole fuss, there are so many pressing issues in Zimbabwe — we have water shortages, no electricity and no jobs — yet people are making noise about a lion?” said Eunice Vhunise, a Harare resident. “I saw Cecil once when I visited the game park. I will probably miss him. But honestly the attention is just too much.”

An economic meltdown over the last few years has closed many companies and left two thirds of the population working in the informal economy while battling acute water and electricity shortages.

Most people questioned in downtown Harare hadn’t actually heard about the lion and said they were too busy trying to make a living to care about it.

Zimbabwe authorities, however, have not announced any charges against Palmer, only saying they want to speak with him and the U.S. embassy was not aware of any extradition requests.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The Kenyans attained a high mark when their president told Obongo to mind his own business and stop preaching homosexuality is good in Kenya.

    Gee, his own homeland dissin’ the Asshole-in-Chief must have sent the ultimate narcissist into a rabid frenzy.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I don’t think the Kenyan Marxist even cares. He just got his ass handed to
    him by the Iranians. He is a (I have to thank Macker for the word of the
    day) Catamite. If you grow up in an Indonesian Mardassa, you are going
    to be treated like a Greek boy.

    BTW A few decades back I heard that his homeland was running one of the
    most successful big game hunting operations in Africa. Other nations were
    faced with species extinction due to poaching, in spite of a death penalty.
    Kenya came up with the idea of managed hunts, where a large part
    of the proceeds from the rich white guys going to the local village.

    This financial incentive was responsible for increases in the populations
    of big game. If Zimbabwe is getting this, there may be hope after all!

  3. grayjohn says:

    Fuck the lion, and pour some oil on a duck.

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