I say it’s nasty.

But so long as he’s not hurting anyone……

Guy’s hot for cougars. Old cougars. Very old cougars.

In many ways, Shirley Andrews is your average 80-year-old pensioner who lives in a retirement village and enjoys knitting and crochet.

But that’s where the similarities end, as Shirley is a self-confessed cougar who has slept with more than 1,000 men.

Unwilling to stick to partners her own age, the sprightly grandma regularly has sex with men as young as 18.

Shirley, who lives in sheltered accommodation in Oroville, California, even has a tattoo circling her nipple that reads ‘Gang Bang Queen’.

Shirley loves intercourse so much she started taking part in porn films seven years ago with much younger men.

Now she has fans from around the world who send her messages, nude pictures – and even requests to meet her.

Shirley said: ‘I started doing porn work in 2008, all amateur.

‘I made all of the videos at home. And I started posting them online and I just got rave reviews. I just felt like a princess.’

Her biggest role was taking part in a filmed orgy involving fifteen much-younger men.

Among Shirley’s numerous fans is Kyle Jones, a 31-year-old with a penchant for pensioners who she makes amateur films with.

But Shirley, who has been married several times before, is not ready to settle down and currently has five guys under 30 on the go.

She said: ‘I have had numerous proposals in the last five years, but none of them were with anyone I would want to spend the rest of my life with.

‘I would say I’ve slept with around a thousand men but I think it would probably be a little bit more than that.

‘I don’t consider myself a nymphomaniac by any means but I’m probably close to it.’

As well as Shirley, Kyle, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is also seeing five other elderly ladies, aged between 68 and 92.

He regularly travels from the east coast across to California and down to Florida to visit his many women.

They include 92-year-old great-grandmother Marge from Pennsylvania who works as an exotic dancer, and a 68-year-old widow called Anna from Ohio who has reignited her sexual passion since meeting adventurous Kyle.

They met on an online dating site a few years after her husband died – much to her daughters’ displeasure.

Kyle’s little black book of women appears on a one-off Channel 5 special called Nanna Love: 50 Shades of Granny about young men who prefer mature women to girls their own age.

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4 Responses to WHAT SAY YOU?

  1. Toejam says:

    When I was a young lad many years ago I slept with a couple of women (not at the same time) who were 20+ years older than me. They were really hot and great in bed.

    The best part was as opposed to women my age they didn’t get emotionally attached, want gifts or an expensive dinner once a week and they taught me about “fun stuff” I hadn’t been exposed to before.

    They just enjoyed the physical coupling. And was fine with me.

  2. McMurdo says:

    Thanks but no thanks.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    There was a joke about some elderly woman who wanted to commit suicide. She
    went to see her doctor and asked him where the exact location of the heart was.
    He explained that it was right under her left breast. Armed with this knowledge,
    she went home, got her revolver and shot herself in the left knee.

    I’m with you McMurdo, the deal breaker would be having to bend down like Obonzo
    before the Burger King in order to get a mouth full of tit!

  4. Macker says:

    Nope. Ex #1 was a frakking Cougar.

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