I refuse to eat ice cream manufactured by these America-hating commie fucks but if you do you might want to stop.

Why? They are hawking “#blacklivesmatter” crap:

Speaking at their annual franchisee meeting earlier this month in New Orleans, Cohen and Greenfield—who sold Ben & Jerry’s to Unilever Corp. in 2000 but who reportedly remain heavily involved in operations—have publicly declared themselves allies of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Specifically raising awareness about the movement’s “Hands up, don’t shoot” iteration, Cohen urged franchise owners to sell T-shirts benefiting the work of Hands Up United, a grassroots organization founded by St. Louis hip-hop artist and activist Tef Poe and activist Taureen “Tory” Russell.

“Some people might say, ‘Oh, we can’t do that,’” Cohen said to franchise owners. “‘We can’t sell those T-shirts in our shops; it’s controversial.’ But isn’t that exactly the point? If it weren’t controversial, we wouldn’t need to do it. At some point we have to ask ourselves: ‘What do we stand for? Whose side are you on?’”

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  1. Toejam says:

    Ben & Jerry’s have always been an uber Liberal cancer. I don’t eat ice cream so I don’t have a need to go anywhere near those pits of anarchy.

    I just hope the Carlo Rossi wine maker doesn’t turn into the same putrid Commie cancer or my pleasure options will be limited.

  2. antzinpantz says:

    There’s always Mad Dog, Strawberry Hill, Thunderbird, Boone’s Farm, Annie Green Springs, Ripple, Gallo, ….want me to go on? 🙂

  3. bobf says:

    Never been there, never will.

  4. Toejam says:

    Thanks for the other “options”, ANTZ. But I’ve been there done those many times.


    They just don’t seem to sate the palette as does Carlos Rossi Burgundy, vintage: April.

  5. grayjohn says:

    Gave up on their shit a long time ago. It started leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

  6. antzinpantz says:

    Toejam: I prefer the Rossi Merlot…vintage yesterday!

  7. Toejam says:

    I’ll stick with old fashion Burgundy from Napa valley.

    When it was available (briefly) in Ireland they had to relabel it: “California Red” because by E.U. rules anything labeled Burgundy must originate in the Burgundy area of France.

    A Liter & 1/2 of The Rossi cost 3 times as the same bottle in the States so after one shipment it was discontinued.

    Besides there are few winos in Ireland…..They’ve evolved and moved on to Whiskey.

  8. Leonard Jones says:

    Come on Antz, Being an adult Caucasian I think Toejam is beyond those cheap
    ghetto wines! Hell, I was sucking on bottles of that cheap shit back when I was 17.
    I don’t drink wine anymore, but if I did it would not be that cheap shit I drank
    back in the 70’s because it was all I could afford. I finally settled for that great
    Czechoslovakian Piss Water (Budweiser Lager). No Lite, no (Ice or Ice Hole as
    I call it,) no exotics or imports, just plain working mans beer.

    It is the same with coffee. I would not take single sip of that foo-foo faggot piss
    that they serve for $5.00 a cup if you put a pistol to my head! Just give me an
    old fashioned cup of American Joe.

    I would rather go without ice cream at all if the old Thrifty brand disappeared,
    even though I rarely eat ice cream. I ate Haagen Dazs and it tasted like
    sugar and butter with a hint of chocolate or vanilla flavor. Never had a
    Ben and Jerry’s in my life. You can keep all these overpriced wines, beers,
    coffees, ice creams, etc.

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