Police vs Open Carrier

The copper in this video is not what many of us have come to expect.

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4 Responses to Police vs Open Carrier

  1. rdenisw says:

    Ah sweet memories… this video was back in the days when open carry was still ‘legal’ in CA. Since then, the ‘concerned politicians’ in Sacramento, due to their extreme concern ‘for the children,’ passed a bill (which of course was immediately signed into law by the very concerned moonbat Jerry Brown) banning open carry. Hey, this is CA! We don’t care about your piddling little Constitution!

    So today this nice policeman will just arrest anyone seen open carrying. Makes it all much easier, no?

    Now if this officer- and others like him- had all left the force when this unconstitutional law was signed, then I would applaud loudly! But they didn’t. They’re all still collecting their paychecks.

    I sure miss the United States of America. It was a great country.

  2. Toejam says:

    First of all let me clearly state I have a CCL, numerous hand guns and carry most every time I leave the house. I am a current member of the NRA and supported of the 2nd amendment and open carry.

    However, there are TWO sides to any story or social conflict. I believe the officer was more than owithin the legal restraints imposed for stopping & questioning any person unknown to them, who was open carrying. As a former police officer I would have handled the encounter in a similar fashion if I had to deal with a dude carrying a .40 cal. hand gun. People don’t need to do something for the sake of inflating their egos, trying to impress little old ladies shoving their “right to bear arms” into the snouts of anti-gun folks and pushing the envelope with the authorities sworn to protect EVERYONE’S rights. They are far from the ideal legal carry icons. I believe they, like the “Occupy wall Street” people, are putting their warped interpretation of the 2nd amendment in a very bad light.

    My advice: Son spend some bucks and get yourself a CCL (If you don’t live in a Libtard State that makes it virtually impossible). Carrying a weapon is a right but one that must be used prudently. Carry for protection not provocation.

  3. redneckgeezer says:

    Toejam – I couldn’t have said it better myself. While I believe in the right to open carry, I for one would not do so. I don’t want anyone to know I’m armed. Absolutely nobody. The first time anyone would know I’m armed would be when I brandish my weapon in defense of my life or that of a family member or close friend. I’m not out to save the world or prove a point.

  4. rdenisw says:

    Hey, a CCL is a great idea! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting one in CALIFORNIA, where this was filmed, right? Sheesh. I live in Carlsbad, a few miles from Oceanside where this took place.

    For most of us non-blue-suited people here, a CCL is an impossible dream. For those who wanted at least a chance to defend ourselves against all the illegal gang-bangers that we can’t get rid of, open carry was the only option. Not a good option, as the gun had to be unloaded while carrying (!), but better than being defenseless entirely. Now that less-than-ideal solution is gone.

    So yeah, as soon as I become an extremely wealthy donor to the Sheriff’s Department, or an extremely highly paid & famous actor, or a rich Democrat politician, then I’ll get my CCL! Any others need not apply, here in the Land of Fruit and Nuts-that-get-elected!

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