Guy buys an old desk at auction. Gets home and finds $127,000 in bonds!

And returns them to the previous owner.

I hope he was well rewarded.

Would you have done the same thing?

“First I said, ‘Oh, this can’t be real. This doesn’t happen.’ You hear about it, but it’s not too often that it happens.” These were the words from 60-year-old Phillip LeClerc of Massachusetts, the Boston Globe reports.

LeClerc had no idea that he’d make the discovery of a lifetime hidden away in an old desk he won for $40 at a furniture auction.

LeClerc was in shock when he opened the desktop to find old bonds totaling at least $127,000.

“The first piece I saw was $500 and that was enough to shake me up,” LeClerc said. In total, he and his wife found a stack of bonds, including six worth $10,000, all of which matured in 1992 — and have since been collecting interest.

The envelopes were hidden in a small, inner drawer, only noticeable because one happened to be poking out from a small gap beneath the drawer.

LeClerc immediately contacted Marg-e Kelley, president of the auction company.

“I’ve been doing this for 10 years and every day the stories get stranger and better and [more] fabulous,” the president of the auction company said. “The gentleman whose family the bonds belong to, he can’t even believe it. He said, ‘I’m over the moon.’”

Kelley added that the family had been searching for the bonds for years.

“I think it’s probably going to make a big difference” for the family, LeClerc added.

What a wonderful gift just in time for Christmas to a family that had probably given up hope that they’d ever find their bonds.

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  1. bobf says:

    I think I would give them back and if I was the owner of the bonds, I hope I would split it with the gentleman 50/50 since I didn’t know they existed.

  2. antzinpantz says:

    But they did know; just not where they were.

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