What say you?

Cop stops a car with a driver, a dog and a passenger.

Driver has almost blind and VERY old dog with him; passenger has PCP.

Cop takes both in and refuses to allow driver to bring dog along. Dog left. Dog gets run over.

Drug charges against driver dropped.

People AND Mayor are pissed.

What should happen to the cop?

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7 Responses to OUT OF CONTROL COPS?

  1. redneckgeezer says:

    I’ve mentioned several times that I’m a former police officer. Not that my status as such has a single thing to do with this story. But… the answer is simple. The officer involved in this situation should be immediately fired for dereliction of duty. He had a duty to protect the property of those whom he took into custody. The dog in this situation would be deemed “property” and the cop failed to protect the property, which WAS his responsibility once he took everyone into custody.

    More simply, the cop is an asshole. Take him out on the road, strip him naked, and leave him in the same place he left the dog. I doubt he’ll get run over, but the humiliation he would suffer could go a long way to making this right.

    Whatever they do, the cop should be without a job when it’s all over. Asshole.

  2. Mcmurdo says:

    Of course the office should be fired, BUT he is in the union so he won’t even get a slap on the wrist.

  3. John C says:

    I am so very tempted to say “Run him over”, but that’s the extreme cynic in me coming out.

  4. bobf says:

    The cop was wrong and should loose his job. There’s no reason to do what he did. As far as anything else, I’ll defer to a former LEO, redneckgeezer

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    I have another take on this. I have known friends, family and coworkers for decades
    and not known that they were drug users. If I give a lift to a neighbor who’s car
    is broken down, and I get pulled over, why would I be arrested because an adult
    passenger has a joint in his pocket?

    Never mind the fact that a lot of LEO’s routinely play games with 4th amendment
    rights in traffic stops, unless I am violating some law, I should not be arrested.

    I place a lot of the blame on the RICO statutes. Let us assume that I won a major
    lottery jackpot and bought a Ferrari, a yacht and a mansion. If a passenger has
    a joint in his possession, or a guest goes out on the deck or backyard to smoke a
    Doobie, police agencies start getting boners at the prospect of property forfeitures,
    which are allowed to occur prior to conviction.

    Your bank accounts, your property, every fucking thing you own is the property
    of the state. Even if you are found innocent, it can still take a year or more to
    recover your assets.

    While RICO statutes could be applied to the modern Democrat party, it cannot
    extend to some innocent schmuck who does not even know a guest is carrying!

  6. chewydog says:

    ” He had a duty to protect the property of those whom he took into custody. The dog in this situation would be deemed “property””-posted by redneckgeezer

    Except in Boulder, Co. where the city council degreed you cannot own a pet, you are only its guardian. moonbats abound.

  7. grayjohn says:

    First, if the officer has a pet dog, confiscate it and kill it. Then fure his ass and never allow him to work in any kind of law enforcement again. Not anywhere, ever. Tattooing ASSHOLE across his forehead would be appropriate, but perhaps too extreme. #1 DOUCHE might be better.

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